Air Force ROTC
Air Force ROTC

Rated Class of 2012

Mon, February 20, 2012

After years of preparation, hard work, and patience, eight cadets from the professional officer corps received well deserved rated slots, their career categorization upon commissioning. The following cadets earned  one of these extremely selective rated slots: Amela Kamencic, Sean Zarsky, Michael Thomas, Maykei Nguyen, Gabriela Guerrero, Melany Shearrer, Taylor Hale, and Caleb Ingels. The slots given out were Remotely Piloted Aircraft Pilot(RPA), Air Battle Manager (ABM), Pre-Health, and Pilot.  Following the categorization, the recipients were "wet down" by their peers with water, soda, and silly string. Congratulations Cadets!

-C/3c R. Kim


From left to right: Sean Zarsky (pilot candidate), Amela Kamencic (RPA pilot candidate), Michael Thomas (pilot candidate), Melany Shearer (pre-health profession candidate), Taylor Hale (Air Battle Manager candidate), Maykei Nguyen (RPA pilot candidate), and Gabriela Guerrero (RPA pilot candidate). Not pictured, Caleb Ingels (pilot candidate).

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