College of Liberal Arts

2012 CoLA Dean's Distinguished Graduates

Wed, Sep 12, 2012


Viviana Aldous

Viviana Aldous is a Plan II and philosophy senior from New Orleans. She enjoys writing, a passion that has manifested itself in a four-year investment at The Daily Texan. She also served as a legislative aide in Student Government her freshman year and volunteered with the international office for nearly three years helping students practice their English speaking, reading and writing skills. Viviana loves to travel and studied in Buenos Aires for a summer. After graduating in May, Viviana will attend law school.

Kelli Schultz

Kelli Schultz will be graduating this spring with a Bachelor of Arts in Plan II Honors, American Studies and Theatre and Dance. She chose the University of Texas because it allowed her to pursue all of her interests in just four years. Her thesis is a performative analysis of the 2010 Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. These state-wide standards sparked international controversy two years ago when the Texas State Board of Education was accused of rewriting US History with a conservative bias. Over the past year, Kelli has conducted interviews with educators and government officials and poured over hours of footage from Board meetings and public testimony. These transcripts, along with media coverage, will be incorporated into a documentary-based theatre piece to be performed in May 2012.

Over the past four years, Kelli has received substantial scholarships from both the College of Liberal Arts and the College of Fine Arts. She has been involved in numerous productions with the Department of Theatre and Dance including The Trojan Women, The Threepenny Opera, Br’er Wood and 360 (round dance). She has also starred in numerous shows in Austin including the original cast of A. John Boulanger’s House of Several Stories (now published in Samuel French) and ZACH Theater’s recent production of Next to Normal. When she isn’t in class or rehearsing for a production, Kelli serves as a student ambassador and tour guide for the University of Texas Visitors Center. Upon graduation, she will join the 2012 Teach for America corps in San Francisco, CA.

Natalie Butler

  Natalie Butler is a Senior Plan II Honors, Government, and Communication Studies major from Tempe, Arizona. She is a 3rdgeneration Longhorn, and an avid UT Football fan. Since her freshman year, Natalie has been involved in Student Government, and has enjoyed serving as the Student Body President at the University of Texas at Austin for the 2011-2012 Administration. The highlights of her administration include securing a student seat on the University Budget Council, engaging students in the debate over higher education in Texas, representing students at the Capitol, improving services for Student Organizations, and planning the Longhorn Run 2012.

Natalie is a member of Orange Jackets and serves as a peer advisor in Plan II. She is also a member of Phi Beta Kappa and the Friar Society. Natalie is passionate about service and civic engagement. She wrote her Plan II Senior thesis about high school government classes and how they impact the way young people view voting and civic participation. After Natalie graduates in May 2012, she will work in Dallas in management consulting for the Boston Consulting Group. She plans to attend law school.

Jillian Owens

In addition to Plan II, Jillian Owens majored in Religious Studies at the University of Texas, fostering research interests in ethnography, evangelicalism, French, and theatre. Thanks to Plan II travel grants, she studied in Lyon, France and did research in Rotterdam, Netherlands. She currently works as a theatre critic for the Austin Chronicle, spent a glorious summer as a student in the Shakespeare at Winedale program, and has been active in Plan II's beloved Broccoli Project. Jillian has also served as co-president of the Plan II Students’ Association and Spirit of Shakespeare.

Naveen Pattisapu

Growing up with two older brothers (both of whom were also Plan II graduates) and loving parents, Naveen Pattisapu spent much of his childhood running crafty businesses such as selling unplanted flowers to the elderly. In high school, he diversified his interests, leading an award-winning rock band and pursuing painting, basketball, and biomedical research. Today, he spends most of his time writing and performing music, designing experiments, studying Vedanta with his Guru, or planning fundraisers for the non-profit, FACE AIDS. When he grows up, he aspires to be a physician-scientist to discover new therapies for poorly treated diseases by drawing upon his eclectic interests.

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