College of Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts Council (LAC)

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The Liberal Arts Council serves as the official student voice and governing body for the College of Liberal Arts, the largest student population at the University of Texas at Austin. They strive to improve student life and academic concerns by: 

 Representing students in academic affairs as one of the voting bodies in the Senate of College Councils 

  • Serving as liaisons between student peers, faculty, and administration
  • Offering an outlet for the opinions and concerns of COLA students
  • Casting weekly voting for UT Senate of College Councils legislation 
  • Providing community service opportunities to build strong leaders for the future and professional world
  • Promoting intercollege relations by increasing involvement with other College Councils
  • Building connections with COLA-affiliated student organizations

For updates on the College of Liberal Arts and other LAC news, follow them on Twitter and Facebook @utlacouncil

Visit their website to learn more, or contact us for opportunities to support the Liberal Arts Council.