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Instructor Steven Hoelscher in Vienna

Professor Steven Hoelscher has taught American Studies and Geography at the University of Texas at Austin since 2000. His classes include The Cultures of Cities, Memory and Place, the Geography of Europe, in addition to Introduction to American Studies and World Regional Geography. In 2005, Dr. Hoelscher received the University of Texas President’s Associates Teaching Excellence Award.

Vienna, Austria, is a special place for Prof. Hoelscher, and city that first awoke his scholarly interests in cultural memory and urban development. For several summers during graduate school, he worked as a group leader for the Elderhostel program, leading education tours of the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, and Switzerland. And, as an undergraduate in 1983-1984, he studied at IES Vienna; the experience changed his life and is one of the principal reasons that he chose to become a professor.

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Steve Hoelscher teaching in Vienna’s Karlsplatz U-Bahn station