American Studies
American Studies



Ana Fernandez de Alba
“Scales of Seeing: Art, Los Angeles, PST:LA/LA”
Supervisors: Cary Cordova and Laura Guiterrez

Caroline Johnson
“Clouds Like Glass: The Deterrence and Determination of U.S. Women Airline Transport Pilots, 1973-2001”
Supervisor: Steve Hoelscher
Anna Lyon
“An Egg Donor's Tale: The Need for Reproductive Justice in the U.S. Oocyte Donation Industry”
Supervisors: Lauren Gutterman and Simone Browne


Christine Castro
“The Lettuce Monster: A History of State Violence, Carceral Geography and Industrial Agriculture in the Salinas Valley”
Supervisors: Nicole Guidotti-Hernandez and Cary Cordova
Amanda Gray
“Pathworks of Care: Threads of Labor, Love, and Support Sewn from the Margins”
Supervisor: Cary Cordova
Kerry Knerr
“Troubling Paradise: Tiki Bars and U.S. Imperial Imaginaries”
Supervisor: Cary Cordova
Joshua Kopin
“Tableaux, Grid, Caricature: R.F. Outcault’s Technologies of Time and Space”
Supervisor: Janet Davis
Edwin Whitewolf
“The Antiquities of the Ancient City: Indians and American Heritage Tourism in St. Augustine, Florida”
Supervisor: Steve Hoelscher


 Christine Capetola
"Hyperaural Blackness: Black Pop Stars, New Musical Technologies, and Vibrational Negotiations of Identity in the Mid-1980s and Beyond.”
Supervisors: Shirley Thompson and Ann Cvetkovich  

Caroline Pinkston
"Remembering Ruby, Forgetting Frantz: Civil Rights Memory, Education Reform, and the Struggle for Social Justice in New Orleans Public Schools, 1960-2014.”
Supervisors: Julia Mickenberg   


Duncan Moench
"The Anglo-Liberal Society: A Reinterpretation of Louis Hartz and American Nativism"
Supervisor: Robert Abzug

Emily Roehl
"Sensing Tough Oil: Aerial Vision, Resource Extraction, and Performing Aesthetic Resistance"
Supervisor: Steve Hoelscher


Carrie Andersen
"Securing America: Drone Warfare in American Culture After 9/11"
Supervisor: Randolph Lewis

Dr. Andersen was awarded the Michael H. Granof Award, given “to recognize the University’s top dissertation.” Dr. Andersen is also the recipient of the UT Graduate School’s Outstanding Dissertation Award in the Humanities and Fine Arts.

Andrew Gansky
"Myths and Legends of the Anti-Corporation: A History of Apple, Inc., 1976-1997"
Supervisor: Randolph Lewis

Elissa Underwood Marek
"Cooking with Conviction: Food and Foodways in the U.S. Carceral State"
Supervisor: Simone Browne


Sean Cashbaugh
"A Cultural Hsitory Beneath the Left: Politics, Art, and the Emergence of the Underground During the Cold War"
Supervisor: Randolph Lewis

Irene Garza
"Martialing Latindad: Latina/os Re-making the Military from Vietnam to the Global War on Terror, 1969-2006."
Supervisor: Janet Davis

Brendan Gaughen
"Practices of Place: Ordinary Mobilities and Everyday Technology"
Supervisor: Jeff Meikle

Philis Barragan Goetz
"Escuelitas and Children's Literature of Texas"
Supervisor: Juia Mickenberg

Josh Holland
"Kurt Hahn, the United World Colleges, and the Un-Making of Nation"
Supervisor: Julia Mickenberg

Lily Laux
"Teaching Texas: Race, Disability and the History of the School-to-Prison Pipeline"
Supervisor: Shirley Thompson

Susan Quesal
"Dismantling the Master's House: The Afterlife of Slavery in the Twentieth-Century Representations of Home"
Supervisors: Shirley Thompson and Stephen Marshall

Kirsten Ronald
"Dancing the Local: Two-Step and the Formation of Local Cultures, Local Places, and Local Identities in Austin, TX"
Supervisor: Steve Hoelscher

Jackie Smith
"Black Princess Housewive and Single Ladies: Renee Cox's Housewife Enactments and The Politics of Twenty-First Century Wealthy Black Womanhood"
Supervisor: Shirley Thompson


Marvin Bendele
"Food, Space, and Mobility: The Railroad, Chili Stands, and Chophouses in San Antonio and El Paso 1870-1905"
Supervisors: Steve Hoelscher and Elizabeth Engelhardt

Ellen Cunningham-Kruppa
"Disciplining Conservation: Paul N. Banks and the Moorings of Library and Archives Conservation Education"
Supervisors: Elizabeth Engelhardt and Randolph Lewis

Anne Gessler
"Civilization's Supreme Test': Cooperative Organizing in New Orleans, 1890s-2014"
Supervisor: Janet Davis

Andrea Gustavson
"Vernacular Photography and The Cold War, 1945-1991"
Supervisors: Steve Hoelscher and Julia Mickenberg

Jennifer Kelly
"Your Work is Not Here: Solidarity Tourism in Occupied Palestine"
Supervisors: Barbara Harlow and A. Naomi Paik

Courtney Williams Barron
"The Political Economy of Literacy in the 'Post-Racial' Era: The Common Core State Standards and the Reproduction of Racial Inequality in the United States"
Supervisors: Shirley Thompson and Uri Treisman

Jeannette Vaught
"Science, Animals, and Profit-Making in the American Rodeo Arena"
Supervisor: Janet Davis


Eric Covey 
"US Mercenary Encounters with the Ottoman World, 1805-1882"
Supervisor: Elizabeth Engelhardt

Andrew Friedenthal 
"Heroes of the Past, Readers of the Present, Stories of the Future: Continuity, Cultural Memory, and Historical Revisionism in Superhero Comic"
Supervisor: Janet Davis

Andrew Jones
"The British Experience with American Independent Photography, 1944-1980"
Supervisor: Steven Hoelscher

Lisa Powell
"Landscapes of Mining and Agriculture in Western Kentucky"
Supervisors: Steven Hoelscher & Elizabeth Engelhardt


Rebecca D'Orsogna
"Yoga in America: History, Community Formation, and Consumerism"
Supervisor: Janet Davis

Anthony Fassi
"Manufacturing Ruin"
Supervisor: Jeffrey Meikle

Katherine Feo Kelly
"Container Culture: Organizing the American Domestic Interior, 1978-2010"
Supervisor: Jeffrey Meikle


Gavin Benke
"Electronic Bits and Ten Gallon Hats: ENRON, American Culture and the Postindustrial Political Economy"
Supervisor: Jeffrey Meikle & Steven Hoelscher
Risk and Ruin: Enron and the Culture of American Capitalism. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2018.

John Cline
"Permanent Underground: Radical Sounds and Social Formations in 20th Century American Musicking"
Supervisor: Mark Smith

Christina Garcia Lopez
"Social Violence, Social Healing: The Merging of the Political and the Spiritual in Chicano/a Literary Production"
Supervisor: Cary Cordova & Jose Limon

Daniel Gerling
"American Wasteland: A Social and Cultural History of Excretement, 1860-1920"
Supervisor: Janet Davis 

Carly Kocurek
"Masculinity at the Video Game Arcade: 1972-1983"
Supervisor: Elizabeth Engelhardt
Coin-Operated Americans: Rebooting Boyhood at the Video Game Arcade. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2015.

Stephanie Kolberg
"Spaces of Indulgance: Desire, Disgust and the Aesthetics of Mass Appeal"
Supervisor: Jeffrey Meikle & Steven Hoelscher

Rebecca Onion
"How Science Became Child's Play: Science and the Culture of American Childhood, 1900-1980"
Supervisor: Janet Davis & Julia Mickenberg

Allison Wright
"Gender, Power, and Performance: Representations of Cheerleaders in American Culture"
Supervisor: Elizabeth Engelhardt


Andrew Busch
"Entrepeneurial City: Race, the Environment, and Growth in Austin, Texas, 1945-2911"
Supervisor: Jeffrey Meikle 
City in a Garder: environmental transformations and racial justice in Twentieth-Century Austin, Texas. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 2017.

Chiyuma Elliott
"Blackness and Rural Modernity in the 1920s"
Supervisor: Shirley Thompson 

Craig Hillis
"The Austin Music Scene in the 1970s: Songs and Songwriters"
Supervisor: Mark Smith 

Kwangjin Lee
"A Study on Jack London's The Call of the Wild: An Application of Organizational Behavior Theories" 
Supervisor: Jeffrey Meikle 

Anna Thompson-Hajdik
"Constructing and Consuming Rural Life in Modern America"
Supervisor: Janet Davis & Steven Hoelscher 

Sasha Vliet
Swerve: A Memoir of Identity in Three American High Schools
Supervisor: Mark Smith 

Tracy Wuster
"'The Most Popular Humorist Who Ever Lived': Mark Twain and the Transformation of American Culture
Supervisor: Janet Davis 


David Bates
"Scoagan's Choice: Vachel Lindsay's Short Fiction, Poetry, and Prose"
Supervisor: Jeffrey Meikle

Ben Lisle
"You've got to have Tangibles to Sell Intangibles: Ideologies of the Modern American Stadium, 1948-1982"
Supervisor: Jeffrey Meikle 
Modern Coliseum: Stadium and American Culture. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2017.

Robin O'Sullivan
"Compost and Consumption: Organic Farming, Food, and Fashion in American Culture"
Supervisor: Jeffrey Meikle
American Organic: A Cultural History of Farming, Gardening, Shopping, and Eating. Lawerence: University Press of Kansas, 2015.

Audrey Russek
"Culinary Citizenship in American Restaurants, 1919-1964"
Supervisor: Jeffrey Meikle 


John Gronbeck-Tedesco
"Reading Revolution: Politics in the US-Cuban Cultural Imagination, 1930-1970"
Supervisor: Janet Davis
Cuba, the United States, and the Cultures of the Transnational Left, 1930-1975. NY: Cambridge University Press, 2015.

Vicky Hill
"Defining "Normal" in their own Image: Psychological Professionals, Middle-Class Normativity, and the Postwar Popularization of Psychology"
Supervisor: Janet Davis

Jason Mellard
"Cosmic Cowboys, Armadillos, and Outlaws:  The Cultural Politics of Texan Identity in the 1970s"
Supervisor: Janet Davis
Progressive Country: How the 1970s Transformed the Texan in Popular Culture. Austin: University of Texas Press, 2013.

Amy Ware
"The Cherokee Kid: Will Rogers and the Tribal Genealogies of American Indian Celebrity"
Supervisor: Steven Hoelscher
The Cherokee Kid: Will Rogers, Tribal Identity, and the Making of an American Icon. Lawerence: University Press of Kansas, 2015.


Angela Maxwell
"A Heritage of Inferiority: Public Criticism and the American South"
Supervisor: Steven Hoelscher
The Indicted South: Public Criticism, Southern Inferiority, and the Politics of Whiteness. Chapel Hill: UNC Press, 2014.

Jessica Grogan
"A Cultural History of the Humanistic Psychology Movement in America"
Supervisor: Robert Abzug
Encountering America: Humanistic Psychology, Sixties Culture, and the Shaping of the Modern Self. NY: Harper Collins Publisher, 2012.

Amy Shoultz
"A Revolutionary Idea: Gilbert Stuart Paints Sarah Morton as the First Woman of Ideas in American Art"
Supervisor: Jeffrey Meikle and Susan Rather

Jessica Swigger
"''History is Bunk'' Historical Memories at Henry Ford's Greenfield Village"
Supervisor: Steven Hoelscher
History is Bunk: Assembling the Past at Henry Ford's Greenfield Village. Amherst: University of Massachussets Press, 2014.


Soo Young Lee
"God’s Chosen People: Protestant Narratives in Korean Americans and American National Identity"
Supervisor: Mark C. Smith

Gregory Carter
"America’s New Racial Heroes: Mixed Race Americans and Ideas of Novelty, Progress, and Utopia"
Supervisor: Neil Foley
The United States of the United Races: A Utopian History of Racial Mixing. NY: NYU Press, 2013.

Philip Tiemeyer
"Manhood up in the Air: Gender, Sexuality, Corporate Structure, and the Law in Twentieth Century America"
Supervisor: Janet Davis
Plane Queer: Labor, Sexuality, and AIDS in the History of Male Flight Attendants. California: University of California Press, 2013.

Kimberly Hamlin
"Beyond Adam's Rib: How Darwinian Evolutionary Theory Redefined Gender and Influenced American Feminist Thought, 1870-1920"
Supervisor: Robert Abzug
From Eve to Evolution: Darwin, Science, and Women's Rights in Gilded Age America. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2014.

Allison Perlman
"Reforming the Wasteland: Television, Reform, and Social Movements 1950-2004"
Supervisor: Janet Davis

Amy Nathan Wright
"Civil Rights ''Unfinished Business'': Poverty, Race, and the 1968 Poor People's Campaign"
Supervisor: Janet Davis


Joel Silverman
"Pursing Celebrity, Ensuing Masculinity: Morris Ernst, Obscenity, and the Search for Recognition"
Supervisor: Mark C. Smith

Nancy Semin
"An Examination of Linda Lovelace and Her Influence on Feminist Thought and the Pornographic Industry in America"
Supervisor: Jeffrey Meikle

Mike O'Connor "Democratic Capitalism in the United States"
Supervisor: Mark C. Smith
A Commercial Republic: America's Enduring Debate over Democratic Capitalism.   Lawerence: University Press of Kansas, 2014.

Matthew Hedstrom
"Seeking a Spiritual Center: Mass-Market Books and Liberal Religion in America, 1921-1948"
Supervisor: Robert Abzug
The Rise of Liberal Religion.
NY: Oxford University Press, 2012.

Polly Adema "Festive Foodscapes: Iconizing Food and the Shaping of Identity and Place"
Supervisor: Steven Hoelscher
Garlic Capital of the World: Gilroy, Garlic, and the Making of a Festive Foodscape. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 2009.


Cary Cordova
"The Heart of the Mission: Latino Art and Identity in San Francisco"
Supervisor: Steven Hoelscher

Paul Erickson
"Welcome to Sodom: The Cultural Work of City-Mysteries Fiction in Antebellum America"
Supervisor: William Goetzmann

Joel Huerta
"Red, Brown, and Blue: A History and Cultural Poetics of High School Football in Mexican America"
Supervisor: Robert Abzug

Ray Sapirstein
"Out From Behind the Mask: The Illustrated Poetry of Paul Laurence Dunbar and Photography at Hampton Institute"
Supervisor: Robert Abzug

Pio Schurti
"Reception and Function of American Culture in Switzerland after World War II"
Supervisor: Jeffrey Meikle

Michael Scully
"American Folk Music Revivalism, 1965-2005"
Supervisor: Jeffrey Meikle
The Never-ending Revival: Rounder Records and the Folk Alliance. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2008.

Alice Shukalo
"Communing With the Gods: Bodybuilding, Masculinity, and U.S. Imperialism, 1875-1900"
Supervisor: Janet Davis

Kim Simpson
"Hit Radio and the Formatting of America in the Early 1970s"
Supervisor: Janet Davis
Early '70s Radio: The American Format Revolution. New York City: Continuum International Publishing Group, 2011.


Bill Bush
"Representing the Juvenile Delinquent: Reform, Social Science, and Teenage Troubles in Postwar Texas"
Supervisor: Mark Smith
Who Gets a Childhood?: Race and Juvenile Justice in Twentieth-Century Texas. Athens: University of Georgia Press, 2010.

Bill Fagelson
"Nervous out of the Service: 1940s American Cinema, World War II Veteran Readjustment, and Postwar Masculinity"
Supervisor: Bob Abzug

Adam Golub
"Into the Blackboard Jungle: Educational Debate and Cultural Change in 1950s America"
Supervisor: Janet Davis

Benita Heiskanen
"Fighting Identities: The Body in Space and Place"
Supervisor: Neil Foley
The Urban Geography of Boxing: Race, Class, and Gender in the Ring. New York: Routledge Publishing, 2012.

Ryan McMillen
"Space Rapture: Extraterrestrial Millennialism and the Cultural Construction of Space Colonization"
Supervisor: Jeffrey Meikle


Alicia Barber
"Building It Up, Living It Down: Civic Reputation, Tourism and Urban Development in Reno, Nevada"
Supervisor: Steven Hoelscher
Reno's Big Gamble: Image and Reputation in the Biggest Little City. Lawrence: University Press of Kansas, 2008.

Jonathan Davis
"Unrealized America:  Transforming American Studies to Transform America" 

Supervisor: Jeffrey Meikle

Laura Hernandez-Ehrisman
"Inventing the Fiesta City: Heritage and Performance in San Antonio’s Public Culture"
Supervisor: Steven D. Hoelscher
Inventing the Fiesta City: Heritage and Carnival in San Antonio. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 2008.

Clifford Farrington
"Biracial Unions on Galveston's Waterfront, 1865-1925"
Supervisor: Mark C. Smith
Biracial Unions on Galveston's Waterfront, 1865-1925. Denton: Texas State Historical Association, 2007.

Tsuyoshi Ishihara
"Mark Twain in Japan: Mark Twain's Literature and 20th Century Japanese Juvenile Literature and Popular Culture1"
Supervisor: Shelley Fisher Fishkin
Mark Twain in Japan: The Cultural Reception of an American Icon. Columbia: University of Missouri Press, 2005.

Bryan Stone
"West of Center: Jews on the Real and Imagined Frontiers of Texas"
Supervisor: Robert H. Abzug
The Chosen Folks: Jews on the Frontiers of Texas. Austin: University of Texas Press, 2010.


Fred Nadis
"Wonder Shows: Science, Religion, and Magic on the American Stage, 1845-2001"
Supervisor: Jeffrey Meikle
Wonder Shows: Performing Science, Magic, and Religion in America. New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 2005.

Linda Scarbrough
"A Road and a River: The Remaking of Williamson County, Texas, 1948-2000"
Supervisor: William H. Goetzmann
Road, River, & Ol' Boy Politics: A Texas Country's Path from Farm to Supersuburb. Denton: Texas State Historical Association, 2005.

Danielle Brune Sigler
"Sweet Daddy Grace: The Life and Times of a Modern Day Prophet"
Supervisor: Mark C. Smith
The New Black Gods: Arthur Huff Fauset and the Study of African American Religions. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2009.

Kelley Mendiola
"The Hand of a Woman: Four Holiness-Pentecostal Evangelists and American Culture, 1840-1930"
Supervisor: Jeffrey Meikle

John Haddad
"The American Marco Polo: Exursions to a Virtual China in U.S. Popular Culture, 1784-1912"
Supervisor: William H. Goetzmann
The Romance of China: Excursions to China in U.S. Culture, 1776 to 1876. New York: Columbia University Press, 2007.

Kim Hewitt
"Psychedelics and Psychosis: LSD an Changing Ideas of Mental Illness, 1943-1966"
Supervisor: Mark C. Smith

Gale Greenleaf
"Cohousing in the United States: Utopian Ideals in the Twenty-first Century"
Supervisor: Jeffrey Meikle

Carol Meaney
"Return of the Witch: The Scapegoating of the Unredeemable Woman in Modern American Cinema"
Supervisor: Robert H. Abzug


Richard Ribb
"Jose Tomas Canales and the Texas Rangers: Myth, Identity, and Power in South Texas, 1900-1920"
Supervisor: William H. Goetzmann

Elizabeth Moore
"Being Black: Existentialism in the Work of Richard Wright, Ralph Ellison, and James Baldwin"
Supervisor: Robert H. Abzug

Tommie Meyers
"The Education of Frank Waters 1902-1969, Finding a Southwestern Literary Voice"
Supervisor: William H. Goetzmann

Lisa Rhodes
"Groupies, Girls, and Chicks: Articles on Women Musicians and Fans in Rolling Stone and Selected Other Mainstream Magazines 1967-1972"
Supervisor: Desley Deacon and Janet Staiger
Electric Ladyland: Women and Rock Culture. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2005.

Carolyn Thomas de la Pena
"Powering the Modern Body: Theories of Energy Transfer in American Medicine, Science, and Popular Culture, 1875-1945"
Supervisor: Jeffrey Meikle
The Body Electric: How Strange Machines Built the Modern American. New York: New York University Press, 2003.

Dwonna Naomi Goldstone
"In the Shadow of the South: The Untold History of Racial Integration at The University of Texas at Austin"
Supervisor: Shelley Fisher Fishkin
Integrating the 40 Acres: The Fifty-Year Struggle for Racial Equality at the University of Texas. Athens: University of Georgia Press, 2006.

Elizabeth Pollard Grayson
"Calling the Heart Back Home: Irish Catholic Women in America,1845-1915"
Supervisor: Mark C. Smith

Sang-Dawn Lee
"Big Brother, Little Brother: The American Influence on Korean Culture in the Lyndon B. Johnson Years"
Supervisor: Bill Stott
Big Brother, Little Brother: The American Influence on Korean Culture in the Lyndon B. Johnson Years. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2002.

Maureen Reed
"Homesickness: Untold Stories of New Mexican Women and Multiculturalism, 1930-1965"
Supervisor: Desley Deacon
A Woman's Place: Women Writing New Mexico. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 2005.

Mark Sawin
"Raising Kane: The Creation and Consequences of Fame in Antebellum America, or, The Thrilling and Tragic Narrative of Elisha Kent Kane and his Transformation into Dr. Kane, the Hero of the Romantic Age"
Supervisor: William Goetzmann
Raising Kane: Elisha Kent Kane and the Culture of Fame in Antebellum America. Philadelphia: American Philosphical Society, 2008.


Vicki Jo Howard
"American Weddings: Gender, Consumption, and the Business of Brides"
Supervisor: Jeffrey Meikle
Brides, Inc.: American Weddings and the Business of Tradition. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2006.

Karen Ann Russell King
"Surviving Modernity: Jewishness, Fieldwork, and the Roots of American Anthropology in the 20th Century"
Supervisor: Robert Abzug

Donald Walden
"The Southern Peasant: Poor Whites and the Yeoman Ideal"
Supervisor: Jeffrey Meikle

David Armstrong
"The True Believer: Walt Whitman Rostow and the Path to Vietnam"
Supervisor: Mark Smith and Robert Divine

Elizabeth Boyd
"Southern Beauty: Performing Femininity in an American Region"
Supervisor: Desley Deacon

Joel Dinerstein
"Swinging the Machine: White Technology and Black Culture Between the World Wars"
Supervisor: Shelley Fisher Fishkin
Swinging the Machine: Modernity, Technology, and African American Culture Between the Wars. Amherst: University of Massachusetts Press, 2003.

Kathryne Tovo
"The Unparalleled Individuality of Me: The Story of Mary MacLane"
Supervisor: Desley Deacon


Siva Vaidhyanathan
"Unoriginal Sins: Copyright and American Culture"
Supervisor: Shelley Fisher Fishkin
Copyrights and Copywrongs: The Rise of Intellectual Property and How It Threatens Creativity. New York: New York University Press, 2001.

Todd Vogel
"Staging Race, Sabotaging Whiteness: Marginalized Writers Redirect the Mainstream"
Supervisor: Shelley Fisher Fishkin
Rewriting White: Race, Class, and Cultural Capital in Nineteenth-Century America. New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 2004.


Jonathan Silverman
"Success on the Margins"
Supervisor: Jeffrey Meikle

Frank Goodyear
"Constructing a National Landscape: Photography and American Tourism, 1850-1900"
Supervisor: William Goetzmann
Faces of the Frontier: Photographic Portraits from the American West, 1845-1924. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 2009.

Eric Eliason
"Celebrating Zion: Pioneers in Mormon Popular Historical Expression"
Supervisor: Robert Abzug

Charles Kupfer
"Whom Do We Fear?: American Reactions to Blitzkrieg, Summer 1940"
Supervisor: Elspeth Rostow
We Felt The Flames: Hitler's Blitzkrieg, America's Story. San Diego: Sergeant Kirkland's Press, 2003.


Cathy Turner
"Marketing Modernism: Advertising Modern Literature in the United States Between the Wars"
Supervisor: Robert Crunden
Marketing Modernism Between the Two World Wars. Amherst: University of Massachusetts Press, 2003.

Kathleen Rice
"Notations of the Heart: The Wood Engraving Illustrations of Clare Leighton, 1929-1954"
Supervisor: Jeffrey Meikle

Gerald Hauck
"The Mann Family in American Exilie: 1936-1950"
Supervisor: Robert Crunden

Tim Davis
"Mount Vernon Memorial Highway and the Evolution of the American Parkway"
Supervisor: Jeffrey Meikle and Bill Stott

Robert Jackson
"James B. Eads"
Supervisor: William Goetzmann
Rails Across the Mississippi: A History of the St. Louis Bridge. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2001.

Robert Bednar
"Postmodern Vistas: Landscape, Photography, and Tourism in the Contemporary American West"
Supervisor: William Goetzmann


Dorothy MacInerney
"A Southern Bell: Elizabeth Whitfield Croom Bellamy"
Supervisor: Robert Abzug

Tevi Troy
"Ideas in Action: White House Intellectuals and the Modern Presidency"
Supervisor: Robert Crunden
Intellectuals and the American Presidency: Philosophers, Jesters, or Technicians?. Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield, 2002.


Jan Todd
"Physical Culture and the Body Beautiful: An Examination of the Role of Purposive Exercise in the Lives of American Women, 1800-1870"
Supervisor: William Goetzmann
Physical Culture and the Body Beautiful: An Examination of the Role of Purposive Exercise in the Lives of American Women, 1800-1870. Macon: Mercer University Press, 1998.

Pelin Basci
"Clowning in American Culture: The Nineteen Sixties"
Supervisor: Jeffrey Meikle


Davis G. Wharton
"Ties That Bind: Photographs from McDade, Texas"
Supervisor: Bill Stott
The Soul of a Small Texas Town: Photographs, Memories, and History from Mcdade. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 2000.

Randolph Lewis
"America is Hard to See: Emile de Antonio and the Art of Filmmaking"
Supervisor: Robert Crunden
Emile De Antonio: Radical Filmmaker in Cold War America. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 2000.

Kathryn Adams
"Paper Lesbians: Alternative Publishing and the Politics of Lesbian Representation in the United States, 1950-1990"
Supervisor: Shelley Fisher Fishkin

Caroline Simpson
"American Orientalisms: The Gender and Cultural Politics of America's Postwar Relationship With Japan"
Supervisor: Shelley Fisher Fishkin
An Absent Presence: Japanese Americans in Postwar American Culture, 1945-1960. Durham: Duke University Press, 2001.


Cheri Wolfe
"The Traditional History of the Chahta People: An Analysis of Gideon Lincecum's 19th Century Narrative"
Supervisor: William Goetzmann

Rodger Lewis Dunn
"The Conduct of Life: A Biography of Lewis Mumford"
Supervisor: Jeffrey Meikle

Penne Restad
"O Holy Night: The Creation of the American Christmas"
Supervisor: Miller
Christmas in America: A History. New York: Oxford University Press, 1995.


Jonathan Paul De Vierville
"American Healing Waters: A Chronology (1513-1946) and Historical Survey of America’s Major Springs, Spas, and Health Resorts"
Supervisor: Bill Stott

Kennett Lynn Simmons
"Managed Health Care: Right Idea- Wrong Rules"
Supervisor: William Goetzmann

Aida Barrera
"Multiculturalism Before Its Time: The Making of Carrascolendas"
Supervisor: William Goetzmann
Looking for Carrascolendas: From a Child's World to Award-Winning Television. Austin: University of Texas Press, 2001.

Dinana Kleiner
"Invisible Managers: Corporate Expansion and American Culture, 1870-1940"
Supervisor: Abzug and Ruefli


Chi-Ping Chang
"Columbia Liberal Humanists: 1930-1960"
Supervisor: Robert Crunden

Tinky Weisblat
"Living Fictions: How George and Gracie, Desi and Lucy, Ozzie and Harriet Turned Their Marriagesinto Corporations, TV Shows, and American Legends"
Supervisor: Schatz and Newcomb


Maria-Christina Garcia
"Cuban Exiles and Cuban Americans: A History of an Immigrant Comminity in South Florida:1959-1989"
Supervisor: Robert Crunden
Havana Usa: Cuban Exiles and Cuban Americans in South Florida, 1959-1994. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1996.


Francine Carraro
"Keep Your Plant and Water it: The Life of Jerry Bywater"
Supervisor: William Goetzmann
Jerry Bywaters: A Life in Art. Austin: University of Texas Press, 1994.

William Gordon Wallace
"The History of Race Walking in America"
Supervisor: Bill Stott and Jeffrey Meikle


Patricia Bradley
"Slavery in Colonial Newspapers"
Supervisor: Bill Stott
Slavery, Propaganda, and the American Revolution. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 1998.


Paula Marks
"Turn your Eyes Towards Bexar: Sam and Mary Maverick on the Texas Frontier"
Supervisor: William Goetzmann
Turn Your Eyes Toward Texas: Pioneers Sam and Mary Maverick. College Station: Texas A&M University Press, 1989.


William Howze
"The Influence of Western Painting and Genre Paintings on the Films of John Ford"
Supervisor: Thomas Schatz

Sarah Andriamana
"Chinese Immigration to California and Madagascar: A Comparative Study"
Supervisor: Elspeth Rostow

Mary Ann Diebel
"On Eagle’s Wings: Eris Voeglin’s Spiritual Realism"
Supervisor: William Goetzmann

Margaret Caffrey
"Stranger in this Land: The Life of Ruth Benedict"
Supervisor: William Goetzmann
Ruth Benedict: Stranger in This Land. Austin: University of Texas Press, 1989.

Emily Cutrer
"The Art of the Woman: The Life of Elisabet Ney"
Supervisor: William Goetzmann
The Art of the Woman: The Life and Work of Elisabet Ney. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1988.

Kenneth Hafertepe
"Enlightened Sensibility: Scottish Philosophy in American Art and Architecture"
Supervisor: William Goetzmann

Nancy Baker Jones
"On Solid Ground: The Emergence of the Self Created Woman in Contemporary American Literature"
Supervisor: William Goetzmann and Dr. Lidoff

Kenneth Hamstra
"The American Medical Association Code of Medical Ethics of 1847"
Supervisor: William Goetzmann


Sam Ratcliff
"Texas History Painting: An Iconographic Study"
Supervisor: William Goetzmann
Painting Texas History to 1900. Austin: University of Texas Press, 1992.

Irene Rostagno
"Fifty Years of Looking South: The Promotion and Reception of Latin American Literature in the U.S."
Supervisor: Bill Stott

Shannon Davies
"Physicists Abroad: Copenhagen 1920-1940"
Supervisor: William Goetzmann

Hal Rothman
"Protected by a Gold Fence with Diamond Tips: A Cultural History of the American National Monuments"
Supervisor: William Goetzmann
Preserving Different Pasts: The American National Monuments. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1989.

Ed Lundy
"The Transcendental Roots of Isaac Hecker’s Vision for the American Catholic Church"
Supervisor: Robert Crunden


Gena Dagel Caponi
"Paul Bowles: Manufactured Savage"
Supervisor: Jeffrey Meikle
Paul Bowles: Romantic Savage. Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press, 1994.

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