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Faculty Guides: Career Engagement

Supporting Grad Student Career Exploration

Texas Career Engagement: Faculty & Staff
We partner with faculty in many ways to help bring career development into the academic experience. Contact us to learn how we can support you.
Our team is available to:

  • Provide in-class career education
  • Help infuse experiential learning into curricula
  • Create faculty-employer connections for research and class projects
  • Help your students articulate the career foundational skills learned and honed in your coursework
  • Support your graduate students in their academic and non-academic career journeys

Virtual Experiential Learning Toolkit

Given the current prevalence of virtual learning experiences, Texas Career Engagement benchmarked with national colleagues to create suggestions for faculty teaching credit-bearing internship courses. Our toolkit suggestions provide career-related engagement activities and assignments that can enhance student learning. Contact us for access to the Canvas toolkit.
What is included:
  • Assignment suggestions in topics including: career readiness, professional development, mentoring and networking, brand management, internship reflection, and industry knowledge/research
  • Learning agreements for employers and students
  • Employer evaluation surveys
  • An Educational Affiliation Agreement template
  • A collection of resources for various topics for students and faculty

Support Advanced Degree Careers

Faculty and staff play a critical role in career development for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars. As academic career opportunities have become more competitive, advanced degree career pathways have broadened. If you are interested in starting or extending career support in your department to include a broader range of career options, our team is uniquely positioned to help. We are involved in UT-specific and national conversations to share best practices and models, and we are able to provide:

  • Department-specific graduate student workshops on career and professional development topics (open to all graduate departments, free of charge)
  • Faculty training on discipline-specific advanced degree career pathways, career mentorship and curriculum design
  • Advanced degree career outcomes information, both first destination and long-term trajectories
  • Connection to advanced degree employers and alumni
  • Employment opportunities and labor trends for new graduate program proposals

Contact: Annie Maxfield, Director of Graduate Career & Professional Development

UT Austin participates in several Ph.D. Career Pathways Initiatives:

Advanced Degree Career Resources for Faculty & Departments

Many career pathways exist that are of interest to advanced degree students and also value skills developed through graduate-level training. As a faculty member, you can influence the way your department exposes and prepares students for these options. Below are resources, tools, and opportunities for faculty and department staff to advocate and integrate career development into curriculum and department culture while better preparing advanced students for a more diverse range of career pathways.

Find Sample Curriculum and Programs for Career Exploration