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Assistant Instructors

Photo of Judson Barber

Judson Barber

Doctoral Student |
BUR 404

Interests: Public memory, prison and carceral studies, cultural, feminist, and affective geographies, architecture and urban design, postmodernism, hyperreality, amusement, leisure, and cultures of American recreation.

Photo of Zoya Brumberg

Zoya Brumberg

Doctoral Student

Interests: women and gender studies, Asian American studies, postcolonial studies, critical theory, the history of the left, museums, visual culture, science fiction, Marxism

Photo of Leah Butterfield

Leah Butterfield

Doctoral Student |
BUR 404

Interests: Feminist Theory and Practice, Queer Theory, Memoir and Personal Essay, Tourism Studies, Immigration Studies, Digital Humanities

Photo of Holly Genovese

Holly Genovese

Doctoral Student

Interests: prison abolition, Black literature, hip hop Studies, public art, poetics, prison memoir, southern studies. experimental form, public history

Photo of Kate Grover

Kate Grover

Doctoral Student |
BUR 408

Interests: Women's and gender studies, popular music studies, media studies, feminisms and feminist historiography, representation in U.S. popular culture, 20th and 21st century cultural history, rock music, historical memory, stardom and celebrity studies, cool/coolness.

Photo of Andrea Remoquillo

Andrea Remoquillo

Doctoral Student

Interests: Asian-American studies, transnational feminism, Filipino/a postcolonial studies, Filipino/Filipino-American diaspora, gender and sexual identity formation in the contemporary U.S., popular culture studies, ethnography.

PhD Candidacy

Photo of Anneleise Azua

Anneleise Azua

Doctoral Student

Interests: Folk Medicine, Oral History and Ethnography, Ethnic Studies, Latinx Studies, Anthropology, Gender Studies, higher education, health and medicine in the United States and Mexico, U.S.-Mexico Borderland History, Museum Studies, Public History

Photo of Nicholas Bloom

Nicholas Bloom

Doctoral Student

Interests: 19th and 20th century US history; Atlantic slavery; the US South; early history of North America and the Caribbean; migration and diaspora; colonialism and modernity; critical theories of race and racism; critical theories of gender; intellectual history and political theory; radical political imaginary/the black radical tradition; Marxism; anti-colonial/postcolonial political projects; resistance literature; sports and popular music.

Christine Castro

Doctoral Student

Interests: Agricultural Labor Movements; Violence and incarceration in rural spaces; Race and capitalism; Chicanx/Latinx Studies

Photo of Caroline Johnson

Caroline Johnson

Doctoral Student

Interests: U.S. cultural and social history; popular culture; women’s and gender history; new labor history, history of aviation, images and visual culture, history of photography; comics and political cartoons, adolescent and youth culture

Photo of Kerry Knerr

Kerry Knerr

Doctoral Student

Education: PhD, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Food studies, U.S. empire, biopolitics, restaurant and bar cultures, popular culture, Pacific studies, transnational American studies

Photo of Joshua Kopin

Joshua Kopin

Doctoral Student

Interests: 20th century cultural history, comics studies, affect studies, popular cultural studies, American religious history, political art, historiography, fame, men's style, writing pedagogy

Photo of Anna Lyon

Anna Lyon

Doctoral Student

Interests: US cultural history, medical history, bioethics, reproductive technologies, critical race studies, queer studies, materialist feminism, kinship

Photo of Robert Oxford

Robert Oxford

Doctoral Student

Interests: South Texas fracking communities, ethnography, eco-critisism, petrol-politics, neoliberalism, and climate justice.

Photo of Edwin Whitewolf

Edwin Whitewolf

Doctoral Student

Interests: Cinema Studies and Media Studies, Native American Studies, Museum Studies, Critical Race Theory, Pop Culture and Spectacle, National Memory, 19th Century American History

Photo of Natalie Zelt

Natalie Zelt

Doctoral Student

Interests: contemporary art of the United States, photography and its histories, critical race and gender studies, American cultural history, visual culture studies, material culture studies, curatorial practice

PhD Students

Photo of Ja'nell Ajani

Ja'nell Ajani

Doctoral Student

Interests: Modern and Contemporary Art, Commodification, Cinema and Media Studies, Visual Culture Studies, African-American art and art of the African diaspora, Media and Performance, and Popular Culture

Whitney Shylee May

Doctoral Student

Interests: The Gothic, 19th-century horror literature and culture, monster theory, literary criticism, spatial literary studies, history of capitalism, circus and sideshow history

Photo of Coyote Shook

Coyote Shook

Doctoral Student

Interests: Disability studies, animal studies, state fair history, agro-futurism, eco-horror, crip hauntology, ghost studies and occultism, eugenics, agriculture science, necropolitics, tuberculosis, the rodeo, agro-capitalism.

Photo of Gaila Sims

Gaila Sims

Doctoral Student

Interests: Public History, Slavery, Museums, Public Memory, African American History, Black Feminism, Museum Education, Archives

Photo of Bahar Tahamtani

Bahar Tahamtani

Doctoral Student

Interests: Representations of crime and violence, material objects, gender and sexuality, cultural memory, affect, digital culture.

MA Students

Kameron Dunn

Masters Student

Interests: furry fandom, fan studies, Internet studies, digital ethnography, literary digital humanities, 20th century US cultural history, queer theory

Photo of Taylor Johnson Karahan

Taylor Johnson Karahan

Masters Student

Interests: Pop Culture and Media Studies; Women, Gender, and Sexuality studies; Indigenous studies; Anti-Colonialism; imperial conflicts; historical nationalisms; contemporary settler colonial geographies; youth culture

Photo of Kristen Wilson

Kristen Wilson

Masters Student

Interests: 20th century U.S. history and culture, film studies, interaction of cultural production and political power, occupation and reconstruction, cultures of scarcity and plenty, public memory, myth-making, popular culture, children's literature, hyperreality.