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Photo of Ja'nell Ajani

Ja'nell Ajani

Doctoral Student

Interests: Modern and Contemporary Art, Commodification, Cinema and Media Studies, Visual Culture Studies, African-American art and art of the African diaspora, Media and Performance, and Popular Culture

Photo of Holly Genovese

Holly Genovese

Doctoral Student

Interests: Incarceration, social movement history, African American history, black power, southern studies, prison literature, and creative nonfiction.

Whitney Shylee May

Doctoral Student

Interests: The Gothic, 19th-century horror literature and culture, monster theory, literary criticism, spatial literary studies, history of capitalism, circus and sideshow history

Photo of Coyote Shook

Coyote Shook

Doctoral Student

Interests: Disability studies, animal studies, state fair history, agro-futurism, eco-horror, crip hauntology, ghost studies and occultism, eugenics, agriculture science, necropolitics, tuberculosis, the rodeo, agro-capitalism.

Photo of Gaila Sims

Gaila Sims

Doctoral Student

Interests: Public History, Slavery, Museums, Public Memory, African American History, Black Feminism, Museum Education, Archives

Photo of Bahar Tahamtani

Bahar Tahamtani

Doctoral Student

Interests: Representations of crime and violence, material objects, gender and sexuality, cultural memory, affect, digital culture.