American Studies
American Studies

Bahar Tahamtani

Doctoral Student
Bahar Tahamtani



Representations of crime and violence, material objects, gender and sexuality, cultural memory, affect, digital culture.


AMS 311S • Images Of Crime And Violence

31820 • Fall 2021
Meets MWF 3:00PM-4:00PM BUR 436A

In this course, we will track the emergence of distinctly American cultural enactments and representations of crime and violence, beginning with the understanding that definitions of crime and violence–what constitutes a crime; what is recognized as violence–are socially constructed categories of culturally-specific meaning and, hence, liable to change over time. We will examine events of crime and violence as well as corresponding actions of justice—and injustice—in the contexts of their specific historical moment and in public memory to understand the nature of American culture as expressed in real acts as well as fictional and non-fiction representations of crime and violence.

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