American Studies
American Studies

Judson Barber

Doctoral Student



Public memory, public history, prison and carceral studies, restorative justice, human geography and affect, architecture and urban design, postmodernism, hyperreality, amusement, leisure, gaming, and cultures of American recreation.


Judson Barber is a doctoral student in American Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. Born and raised in Southern California, he completed his BA and MA degrees in American Studies at California State University, Fullerton before coming to Austin in 2017. His primary academic interest is in locating and understanding the processes and dynamics of the cultural construction of knowledge in America, with a specific focus on the role and work of the prison in American culture.

His other interests include the American West, tourism, neoliberalism, Native American casinos, the built environment, and theories of space and place. He has written and presented papers on subjects that include the electric chair in popular imagination, sabermetrics, zombies in American popular culture, and collective memory of Alcatraz Island.

Non-academically he maintains an active fascination with baseball, amusement parks, film, and television.

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