American Studies
American Studies

Student Committee

American Studies Graduate Student Committee

The committee's aim is to foster a greater sense of community within the department, through adoption of the following mission and responsibilities.


The committee is the representative and executive arm of the collective graduate student population of the American Studies Department of the University of Texas at Austin.


The responsibilities of the committee include but are not limited to:

  • acting as a liason between graduate students and faculty
  • planning social events
  • participating in new student orientation and the mentoring of existing students
  • increasing campus-wide awareness of the American Studies Department
  • providing information regarding UT employee unions, employment opportunities for graduate students on campus, and professional development
  • administering an outreach program to solicit greater undergraduate enrollments in American Studies courses
  • communicating with other American Studies departments


The American Studies Graduate Student Committee shall be made up of no more than five persons. All members will serve one year terms.