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Dr. Cary Cordova Pens Op-Ed On Disney's "Coco"

Mon, January 8, 2018
Dr. Cary Cordova Pens Op-Ed On Disney's
Dr. Cary Cordova

Please join us in congratulating UT AMS PhD and current facutly member Cary Cordova on 'Four Things Our Kids Shouldn't Learn From Coco,' an op-ed she recently published in Latina. Writing about the recently released Disney movie, Dr. Cordova says:

"Coco is a lively, fun film. It’s worth seeing as a family, especially because we need films for children that grapple with death and loss. But as we present a new generation of Latinx kids with their culture on the big screen, we need to ask a big question: Should we really trust a Disney production as our spirit guide to the afterlife?
Disney has a long history of producing negative images of Latino culture.  And when the company filed to trademark “Día de los Muertos,” as the film’s title, the public protested its taking ownership of a sacred celebration.  Publicly rebuked, Disney rescinded the trademark request and transitioned toward a more respectful enterprise, reaching out to multiple cultural advisors while making the film.
Coco introduces a visually sumptuous representation of the indigenous celebration of Día de los Muertos, but there is much to question in the way the film exerts its authority over this event."

You can read the rest of Dr. Cordova's op-ed here.

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