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American Studies

The End of Austin: Digital Humanities Project

Sun, October 14, 2012
The End of Austin is a digital humanities project that explores the idea of endings in our fair city. We would love to have a contribution from you---a bit of writing, photos, video, art, a song, anything that somehow explores this idea that things are dying, ending, expiring, collapsing in the midst of our growth-obsessed sunbelt burg. The first installment, in the form of a Tumblr, was created by Assocaite Professor Randy Lewis' graduate seminar.
We hope to do something bigger and wilder for issue number two. Our goal is to assemble something interesting, beautiful, meaningful, and disconcerting for release in early 2013. 
If you would like to contribute something, that's wonderful. But also think about friends, students, and colleagues who might be good at exploring this nexus of art, documentary and cultural geography broadly conceived. 
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