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American Studies

Dr. Janet Davis consults on Blanton exhibit, "In the Company of Cats and Dogs"

Thu, July 3, 2014

Dr. Janet Davis served as a consultant for the Blanton Museum of Art's newest exhibit, "In the Company of Cats and Dogs," which displays cats and dogs in art spanning 33 centuries. 

According to an interview with the exhibit's curator, Francesca Consagra, Dr. Davis also incorporated the exhibition into a Plan II Signature Course she taught: "Janet M. Davis, an associate professor of American studies who is writing a book on the growth of the animal welfare movement in the United States, informed our approach to the American works in the exhibition. She assigned students in her Signature Course to research and write about these works." Some of that research was used in generating the labels for individual works of art.

Congratulations to all involved in the exhibition!

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