American Studies
American Studies

Common Questions

How can I track my progress toward my degree?

You can run an audit on the Registrar’s Interactive Degree Audit system to see the classes you have taken, where they are counting toward your degree and what requirements remain. Also, meeting with your academic advisor at least once a semester is agreat way to ensure that you stay on-track for graduation.

What is an advising bar?

Advising bars are placed on your record when you must meet with your advisor prior to registration. In American Studies, advising bars show up for students who are new to the major or who are on scholastic probation.  If you have more than one major, the other major may place a bar on your record for other reasons. To get your advising bar removed you must come in person and meet with an academic advisor.  Bars will not be cleared over the phone.

What can you do with a degree in American Studies?

As with most liberal arts degrees, a major in American Studies can lead to a wide variety of careers.  Our graduates enter fields such as journalism, business, radio, TV and film work, marketing, museum curating, law, public relations,editing, advertising, government service, creative writing and teaching at either the secondary or college level.
A major in American Studies helps you build and strengthen several key skills to make you a competitive applicant in any work environment.  You will develop interdisciplinary thinking skills to examine issues from several perspectives and come up with creative solutions. Effective research and critical analysis skills will allow you to explore and support your arguments. While excellent writing, and presentation skills will allow you to communicate your ideas clearly and concisely.


What career resources are available to American Studies students?

If you are just beginning to explore your career options or are interested in graduate school, the Career Exploration Center is an excellent source of information. Alternatively, if you already have an idea of what you would like to door are interested in law school, you want to visit Liberal Arts Career Services.