Department of Anthropology

Paul Sneed - NGO-Action: Rio's Non-Profits in Music and Film

Tue, November 30, 2010 | MRH 2.610

3:30 PM - 5:30 PM


NGO-Action: Rio’s Non-Profits in Music and Film

Tuesday, Nov. 30 at 3:30 PM
Music Recital Hall 2.610

Dr. Paul Sneed is Assistant Professor of Brazilian Literary and Cultural Studies at the University of Kansas, and co-founder of the Two Brothers Foundation/Instituto Dois Irmãos, sister non-profit organizations devoted to promoting opportunities in education, community service and cultural exchange in Rio’s Rocinha favela. His work on Brazilian popular music, particularly the bailes funk of Rio de Janeiro, and on the relationship between academic scholarship and community-based social action, has appeared in Latin American Research Review, Hispania, Latin American Music Review, and World Literature Today. He is also finishing a book manuscript on social transformation and spaces of everyday power in Rio de Janeiro’s favelas. His talk draws upon his experiences researching contemporary Brazilian movies and music, as well as creating short documentary works focusing on life in Rocinha. It will focus on the representation of NGOs in contemporary Brazilian film, and on the role of well-known figures like rapper MV Bill in raising consciousness about the challenges facing residents of Rio’s favela communities.

Sponsored by the Butler School of Music’s Division of Musicology and Ethnomusicology and LLILAS.

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