Department of Anthropology

Steve Leigh - Seminar Series 2010-2011

Mon, February 21, 2011 | SAC 5.118

12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

“Evolutionary Perspectives on Human-Microbe Interactions”

Human and nonhuman primates routinely interact with trillions of microbes that reside in, on, and around our bodies. Major advances in sequencing technologies now allow direct investigation of these microbes. This research examines the relations between primates and their resident microbes, focusing on the intestinal and the vaginal tracts. Early results show tremendous diversity in the microbial species associated with us, with many previously unknown microbial species. Distinctions between humans and other primates are emerging. These differences point to major roles for microbes across the course of human evolution.

A light lunch will be served.

Part of the Department of Anthropology 2010-2011 Seminar Series. For further information, please contact Dr. Sofian Merabet at

*The SAC, or Student Activity Center, is a new building on campus and may not be marked on your map. It is located at 2101 Speedway, adjacent to the Gregory Gym. SAC 5.118 is in the East Wing of the building on the fifth floor.

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