Department of Anthropology

Proseminar Talk - Halide Velioglu

Mon, April 25, 2011 | SAC 5.118

12:00 PM

"Finding a Repairman in Sarajevo: Mundane Life of Taking Care of Things and the Community in Post-war Bosnia"

A Proseminar talk by Halide Velioglu

Repair is about broken objects, shattered extension of the selves that need additional and incessant care. It is about a specific kind of care that has its own temporal logic, sensory register, economy, relationality, and, of course, stories that care mediates between objects, technologies and people. Since the end of the war, the International community has invested significant funds in urban restructuring and renovation of public buildings in Bosnia, and in reconciliation between the warring ethnic groups. The repair of private houses, apartment blocks, and household gadgets are left to the owners themselves while the damaged relationship within the internal confines of the intimate groups, families, neighborhood, and social network remain invisible. In this part, I focus on the gendered labor of repair in terms of an intertwined relationship between the community and things that cannot be taken care of separately

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