Department of Anthropology

William Gblerkpor - Heritage Matters

Thu, November 10, 2011 | SAC 5.124

12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

"Heritage Matters: An Assessment of the Krobo Mountain Archaeological Research Project, Ghana"

A Works in Progress presentation by William Gblerkpor, Anthropology Ph.D. Student.

Despite the recent global economic challenges, Ghana has seen a surge in archaeology and heritage management projects during the last decade. Several collaborative projects involving Ghanaian, American, and European researchers are ongoing. The Krobo Mountain Archaeological Research Project is an example. Established in 2007, it seeks to provide ethno-archaeological insights into sociocultural developments at the Krobo Mountain site between ca. A.D. 1300 and 1892. This presentaion will highlight the goals, approaches, and management strategies of the project. I will focus on the strategies by which we have engaged the local community, and show how our modes of information dissemination have contributed to legitimizing the project, and improved the community's recognition of archaeology and heritage matters. Finally, I will demonstate how this model strengthens partnership research projects, and enhances the economic viability and funding opportunities of archaeological projects.

For more information, please email William Gblerkpor.

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