Department of Anthropology

Chris Kirk: Your Eye, My Eye, and the Eye of the Aye-Aye

Fri, December 2, 2011 | WEL 2.224 (Welch Hall)

7:00 PM

"Your Eye, My Eye, and the Eye of the Aye-Aye: Evolution of Human Vision from 65 Million Years Ago to the Present."

A lecture by Dr. Chris Kirk of the UT Department of Anthropology.

How did humans come to have the best eyesight of any living mammal? Look through the eyes of primate ancestors with Dr. Chris Kirk, UT-Austin professor of anthropology. Dr. Kirk explains how his research related to the evolution of primate sensory systems helps us understand human visual adaptations in the larger context of primate evolution.

This lecture will be available online as a live webcast. For more information, please visit the Hot Science - Cool Talks web site.

Part of the Hot Science - Cool Talks Outreach Series, presented by the Environmental Science Institute and the Jackson School of Geosciences.


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