Department of Anthropology

Eric Schroeder: Conflict, Trade and Drought in the Protohistoric Southwest

Thu, December 1, 2011 | SAC 5.118

12:30 PM

"Conflict, Trade and Drought in the Protohistoric Southwest"

A talk by Eric Schroeder, Graduate Student in the Department of Anthropology.

Spanish colonial records document the existence of ethnic conflict among the pueblos of the American Southwest long before their arrival in the 16th century. This conflict in conjunction with episodic drought disrupted the Plains/Pueblo trade networks that linked nomadic bison hunters with pueblo villages. This presentation provides the historical setting for a proposed research project that seeks to address the impact of ethic conflict and environmental stress on human interactions in the Protohistoric Southwest. The intent is to solicit input from the audience regarding research questions and possible methodologies.

This talk is part of the Departmant of Anthropology's Works in Progress series of talks.

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