Department of Anthropology

Carla Klehm: New Works in Progress Talk

Thu, February 23, 2012 | SAC 5.118

2:00 PM

"Trade Ties, Lose Links, and the Hidden Hinterland: Focusing on the Local Political Economy in Iron Age Botswana"

A paper presented by Anthropology graduate student Carla Klehm, part of the Department of Anthropology New Works in Progress talk series.

Recent geophysical survey and extensive excavation at the African Iron Age sites of Khubu la Dintsa (CE 1200-1300) and Mmadipodi Hill (CE 500-900) in Botswana apply a regional perspective to the development of complex societies and inequality in southern Africa. These hinterland sites formed a crucial part of the local political economic landscape responsible for the creation of Bosutswe, a major chiefdom-like Iron Age polity that regulated Indian Ocean trade across the Kalahari into the African interior. Previous excavations campaigns solely focused on Bosutswe; a more holistic approach to local relationships is explored. Findings and initial interpretations are presented.

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