Department of Anthropology

“An Overview of the Settlement System in Mountainous Regions” with Dr. Hamed Salem

Mon, November 19, 2012 | SAC 5.118

5:00 AM - 6:00 AM

An Overview of the Settlement System in Mountainous Regions

The lecture is a summary of the ingoing archaeological fieldwork at Birzeit region Rammallah. The region is located at the central mountains in Palestine. It is often assumes that the area was not intensely occupied due to the limitation imposed by the mountainous nature. However, archaeological surveys and excavations indicate that the region had been intensively occupied even before the Roman period, and flourishing during the Byzantine and the Medieval periods. This is mainly due to building a major Roman road passing the region and causing an economical prosperity. Thereafter, several settlements show continuity of occupation throughout the medieval and later periods.

The settlement system continuity in the central Palestinian mountains due to adopting a strategy of economic survival based on farming , herding and traditional productions such as olive and wine. This idea is supported by a settlement pattern combining settlements supported by several small sites with various functions. The peasants built small tribal alliances to maintain the equilibrium between economic needs and scarce resources, known as the chiefdom system.

Dr. Hamed Salem is an Associate Professor of Archaeology with the Department of History and Archaeology, Birzeit University


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