Department of Anthropology

Guest Speaker: Clint Westman

Cultural Politics of Energy in Northern Alberta

Mon, September 23, 2019 | WCP 5.118

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Guest Speaker: Clint Westman

Clint Westman has been publishing on the implications of oil sands extraction for Indigenous people for over 10 years and has held multiple SSHRC grants on related topics since 2011, which has allowed he and his trainees to conduct field research and build partnerships with regional Indigenous communities and other interested parties. Currently, he is the Project Director for a formal partnership involving multiple First Nations. Some of his publications focus directly on the environmental assessment process and the use of social science within that process. Other publications take a wider view to look at lived experience and the relationship of the oil patch to subsistence in the bush, or the symbolic and ontological dimensions of extraction. He has written about political processes in the oil sands from the local to the international level and described formal and informal consultations. Recently water impacts have become a particular focus. One recent publication focuses on the aesthetic and cultural dimensions of water futures in the region. Others take a wider view to provide authoritative overviews of research and politics in the region. He is the principal editor of a forthcoming volume with Routledge, the only book to focus on Indigenous issues in the oil sands.

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