Department of Anthropology

Hi'ilei Hobart

Assistant ProfessorPhD, Food Studies, New York University



Food, Temperature, Settler Colonialism, Embodiment, Aesthetics, Indigeneity, Hawaiʻi, Everyday Life


ANT 324L • Native Food Sovereignty-Wb

31092 • Fall 2020
Meets TTH 9:30AM-11:00AM
Internet; Synchronous

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ANT 391 • Indig Activ/Solid/Pol Power-Wb

31240 • Fall 2020
Meets TH 2:00PM-5:00PM
Internet; Synchronous

This graduate seminar examines the long history and current context of Indigenous political activism. These movements, often forged in solidarity with other Indigenous communities, as well as Black people, brown people, and settlers, engage urgently with the tensions - and promises - that underpin theories of political power, sovereignty, territoriality, dispossession, and cultural identity. Readings for this course will hedge closely to Native North America before extending comparatively to Oceania, Palestine, and South America in order to think broadly about the effects of globalization and neoliberalism; climate change and environmental racism; and extractive regimes and racial capital upon Indigenous communities around the world. This material will, then, help us to envision the kinds of decolonial futures proposed by the activists, scholars, and artists encountered in this course.



ANT 324L • Anthropology Of Food

31638 • Spring 2020
Meets TTH 9:30AM-11:00AM WCP 4.174

Food is one of the most fundamental elements of human society. Because everybody eats, it provides a powerful vehicle for expressing individual and social identity. This course explores the cultural dimensions of growing, cooking, and eating food by engaging themes of gender, race, indigeneity, embodiment, hunger, and power. Reading across foundational anthropological texts, ethnographies, and contemporary news media, we will pay attention to the ways that people use food as an everyday tool to communicate ideas about who they are in relation to the communities, environments, histories, and economies that shape their worlds.

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