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Graduate Students

Kanza Anand

Provost's Recruitment Fellow |

Photo of Kari Andreev

Kari Andreev

Graduate student

Photo of James Beveridge

James Beveridge

Graduate student

Interests: Indigenous rights in Amazonian Bolivia and Ecuador; struggles and negotiations over megaprojects and extractivism - rights to land and access to resources; Amazonian indigenous universities. I am developing an analytical framework I call 'knowledge articulation'. You can read about KA in my master's thesis ( see external link: click on my name, then at right)

Photo of Jordan Bowers

Jordan Bowers

Graduate student |
SAC 4.166

Education: Doctoral Candidate, University of Texas at Austin

Photo of Gabrielle Bueno

Gabrielle Bueno

Graduate student

Interests: primate behavior and ecology, infant development, lemurs, Madagascar, conservation, cognitive evolution

Isabelle Clark

Graduate School Recruitment Fellow (2019-2020) |
SAC 4.116

Interests: great apes, primate behavior and ecology, social cognition, physiology, conservation

Emily Dawson

Graduate student

Education: MA University of Chicago, Ph.D Student, University of Texas

Interests: Environmental Archaeology, Foodways, Identity, Colonialism, Human-Environment Interactions, New Mexico, Mongolia

Photo of Julia Earle

Julia Earle

Graduate student

Interests: Pre-Hispanic Andes; technology; labor; landscape archaeology; spatial analysis

Photo of Sarah Eleazar Sadiq

Sarah Eleazar Sadiq

Graduate student

Interests: Political ecology, water, toxicity

Photo of Christopher Farrell

Christopher Farrell

Graduate student |
SAC 5.114

Education: PhD Candidate, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Social and cultural anthropology; affect; memory; abandoned places; post-industrial landscapes; Western Europe; space and place; Britain; ageing; class; health and wellbeing; the ordinary; identity; aesthetics; temporality; visual impairment.

Photo of Krishantha Fedricks

Krishantha Fedricks

Ph.D. Student; Graduate Teaching Assistant |
SAC 5.114

Education: MA, California State University at Long Beach

Interests: Language, Religion and Media; Sinhala Language and Linguistics; Sri Lankan Buddhism; English to Sinhala Translations.

Maria Fernandez Pello

Graduate student

Education: MA Visual Anthropology, University of Manchester

Interests: Soil, agency, affect, speculative fiction, media, the uncanny

Photo of Hannah Foster

Hannah Foster

Graduate student |
SAC 5.114

Interests: Kazakhstan, multilingualism and codeswitching, verbal art, language ideologies

Photo of Manuel Guadalupe Galaviz

Manuel Guadalupe Galaviz

U.S.-Mexico Borderlands Program Fellow, OGS Summer 2019 Dissertation Writing Fellow

Education: M.A., Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies

Interests: U.S./Mexico Borderlands Anthropology, Chicanx and Mexican American Studies, Anthropology of Place, Anthropology of Infrastructure, and the Political Ecology of the U.S./Mexican border area.

Megan J. Gette

Donald D. Harrington Recruitment Fellow

Education: MFA Poetry, University of Minnesota

Interests: the senses, media, STS, arts-based research, political ecology, historiography, the Americas

Fatemeh Ghaheri

Wenner-Gren Foundation Fellow |
SAC 5.114

Kelsie Gillig

Graduate student

Interests: Cultural and Language Revitalization, Language Ideologies, Identity, Performance, Verbal Art, Language Contact, Basque Linguistics

Photo of Christina Gonzalez

Christina Gonzalez

Wenner-Gren Foundation Fellow

Interests: Global and Comparative Indigeneities; Race, Racialization, Racism; Ethnogenesis; Indigenous, black and Latin@ subjectivities and their intersections; Diaspora and Transnationalism; Interdisciplinarity; Multi-sited Ethnography; Critical Methodologies (Performance and Film); the Caribbean (Borik'n/Puerto Rico); the Pacific (Aotearoa/New Zealand)

Photo of Danielle Good

Danielle Good

Graduate School Continuing Fellowship (2019-2020)

Education: PhD, University of Texas

Interests: Environment, affect, recovery economies and the BP Horizon disaster, petrocultures, energy/multi-species infrastructures, and fisheries management on the U.S. Gulf Coast

Photo of Brad(ley) S Graupner

Brad(ley) S Graupner

Anthropology Graduate Research Fellow

WCP 5.114, and on a sunny day 30.2846825, -97.7367045

Education: A.M., The University of Chicago

Interests: Semiotics, Enregistered epistemologies, K’iche’ Maya, Participatory Action Research, Photoethnography, Social Ontologies

Anya Gruber

Graduate student

Education: Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Environmental Archaeology


Graduate student

Blair Heidkamp

Anthropology Graduate Student and Teaching Assistant

John Duncan Hurt

Graduate student |
WCP 4.166

Interests: Architecture, Iberian Prehistory, Roman Imperialism

Photo of Sardar Hussain

Sardar Hussain

Fulbright Scholar and Wenner-Gren Foundation Fellow

Photo of Kristina Juergensmeyer

Kristina Juergensmeyer

Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Fellow

Education: PhD Linguistic Anthropology, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Multilingualism; Citizenship; Transnationalism; Language and Nationalism; Heritage Language Learning; Slavic Languages; Cultural Heritage; Language and Globalization; Language in Migrant Communities; Polish Language and Culture; Polish Diaspora; European Migrant communities in Brazil; Brazilian immigration history.  

Photo of Samuel Law

Samuel Law

Graduate student

Education: MA, University of Chicago

Interests: autonomous social movements, informality, collective life, affect, political ecology, human rights & social justice, ideology, infrastructure, autoconstruction, urban studies, worlding, anthropology of the otherwise; Mexico, Latin America.

Sabrina Lilleby

Graduate student

SAC 5.114

Photo of Lilia Loera

Lilia Loera

Graduate student

Interests: undocumented migration, the state, capitalism and neoliberalism, settler colonialism, collaborative research, transformative justice and activism.

Photo of Noe Lopez

Noe Lopez

Graduate School Continuing Fellowship (2019-2020)

Education: PhD Student, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: political economy, labor, farmworkers, indigenous diasporas, gender, modern sexualities, Queer theory, settler colonialism,postcolonialism, trauma, violence, nation-state hegemony

Photo of Ingrid Lundeen

Ingrid Lundeen

OGS Summer 2019 Dissertation Writing Fellow |
SAC 5.130

Education: PhD, University of Texas at Austin

Photo of Katherine Maddox

Katherine Maddox

Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Fellow, Wenner-Gren Foundation Fellow |
SAC 5.114

Interests: Displacement, refugee studies, diaspora, Europe, the Middle East, citizenship, identity, activism, space, memory, archives, Lebanon, Syria, France

Photo of Raul

Raul "Quichi" Martinez

Graduate student

Interests: Andean Ethnography, Indigenous Language Revitalization, Hemispheric Indigeneity, Poetics, Language Ideologies, and Geeky things.

Photo of Amely Martins

Amely Martins

Graduate School Continuing Fellowship (2019-2020) |
SAC 5.114

Education: PhD Student, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Conservation genetics, Landscape genetics, Population genetics, Molecular ecology, Phylogenetics, Neotropical Primates

Photo of Allison McNamara

Allison McNamara

Graduate student |
SAC 5.130

Interests: Primate behavior and ecology, conservation, locomotor kinematics, functional morphology

Megan McQuaid

Graduate student |
Texas Coffee Traders in the Jackson School of Geosciences

Interests: risk and risk perception, human geography, environmental anthropology, Sicily, science technology studies, the non-human turn, maritime anthropology

Photo of Lydia Myers

Lydia Myers

Graduate student

Interests: Primate locomotor evolution, hominin bipedalism, functional morphology, microCT analysis, biomechanics of locomotion

Photo of Ana María Navas Méndez

Ana María Navas Méndez

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow; OGS Summer 2019 Dissertation Writing Fellow; University Graduate Continuing Fellow 2020-2021 |
SAC 5.114

Education: M.Sc., Anthropology, Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Científicas

Interests: Historical archaeology; Cultural heritage; The role of technology in colonial processes; Material culture; Colonialism and postcolonialism; Indigeneity; Communities of practice; Metals and ceramics; Venezuela; Panama.

Photo of Patricia Neuhoff-Malorzo

Patricia Neuhoff-Malorzo

Graduate student |
2149576527 |
SAC 4.192

Interests: Classical Archaeology in Romania and Roman Britain, Maya Archaeology in Belize. Urban and hinterland site layout and orientation. Human and environmental interaction, development, and change. Geophysical Survey and Aerial Photography.

Photo of Daniel Ng

Daniel Ng

Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Fellow

Education: MA, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Hijras, politics of recognition, non-normative genders and sexualities, nation-state, Bangladesh, South Asia

Photo of Benjamin Nutor

Benjamin Nutor

Mellon International Dissertation Research Fellow (IDRF) |
SAC 4.188

Education: MPhil Archaeology, University of Ghana

Interests: African Archaeology, Archaeology of Slavery in West Africa (Ghana), Ethnoarchaeology of Indigenous African Religion, Public Archaeology

Photo of Vasilina Orlova

Vasilina Orlova

Graduate School Continuing Fellowship (2019-2020) |
SAC 5.114

Education: Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Infrastructure, Affect, Mobility, Power, Pleasure, Violence

Johanna Paez Crespo

Graduate student

Photo of Nicole Payntar

Nicole Payntar

Graduate student |
RLP 4.418

Education: M.A. Near Eastern Archaeology, Durham University

Interests: Peru; Machine Learning and Computer Vision for Archaeology; Cultural Heritage; Place-Making; Land-Change Science

Photo of Deina Rabie

Deina Rabie

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow; Fulbright Hays Dissertation Research Abroad Fellow; Wenner Gren Dissertation Research Fellow |
SAC 4.114

Education: PhD, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Middle East, Arabian Gulf, Gender, Mobility, Infrastructure, Discourse-Centered-Methods, Semiotics, Language and Globalization, Global English, Language Ideologies, Language Contact, Performance

Benjamin Rodwell

Graduate student |
SAC 5.130

Education: PhD, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Primate origins; Omomyoid and Adapoid ecology, systematics, and phylogenetics; Dietary ecology; Paleogene radiation of primates/mammals

Photo of Domenic Romanello

Domenic Romanello

Graduate student

Education: PhD candidate in Biological Anthropology, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: MADAGASCAR: Conservation, Biogeography, Community Ecology.

Photo of Lara Sanchez Morales

Lara Sanchez Morales

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow

SAC 4.166

Education: B.A. in Anthropology, Universidad de Puerto Rico-Recinto Río Piedras

Interests: geoarchaeology; human-environment interactions; landscape management; agriculture in the pre-Columbian Caribbean; adaptations to climate change and human induced landscape changes; cattle management; European colonial landscapes; Puerto Rican (pre)history; sustainability and resilience in the Neo-tropics.

Photo of Kelton Sheridan

Kelton Sheridan

Graduate student

Education: MA, University of Massachusetts, Boston

Interests: Historical Archaeology, ceramics, Texas archaeology, Indigenous studies

Lia Siewert

Wenner-Gren Foundation Fellow |

Interests: Ethnopoetics, discourse-centered approach to language and culture, Ojibwe language and culture, literacy and literacies

Lauren Springs

Graduate School Continuing Fellowship (2019-2020) |
SAC 4.166

Education: MA, Texas State University

Interests: ancient DNA, population genetics, colonial encounters, identity, biopolitics

Zachary Stanyard

Graduate student

Education: B.A, Western State Colorado University

Interests: Maya lithic technology and social organization; experimental archaeology; GIS; sedimentary geology/geomorphology; human-landscape interactions

Carlos Tobon Franco

Graduate student

Education: MFA Imaging Arts, Rochester Institute of Technology

Interests: Media, Borderlands, Latin America

Nora Tyeklar

Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Fellow, Wenner-Gren Fellow |
Linguistic Anthropology Lab 4.116

Interests: Linguistic anthropology; the poetics of displacement; critical discourse analysis; ethnopoetics; semiotics; Hungary

Gilfranco Valentin

Graduate student

Photo of Silvy van Kuijk

Silvy van Kuijk

Graduate student |
SAC 5.114

Interests: Neotropical primates, conservation, soundscape ecology, animal acoustic communication, social systems

Photo of Rachel Voyt

Rachel Voyt

Graduate student |
SAC 4.116

Interests: development and maintenance of female dominant social systems, socioendocrinology, genetics and epigenetics, applications of feminist and queer theory to primatology, ethnoprimatology

Joshua Wainner

Graduate student

Photo of Camille Weinberg

Camille Weinberg

Graduate student

Education: PhD Student, The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Andean Archaeology, Human-Environment Interactions, Geoarchaeology

Photo of Erin N Wheeler

Erin N Wheeler

Graduate student |
WCP 5.114

Education: Phd Candidate, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Linguistic Anthropology, Native American and Indigenous Studies, Mapuche, Argentina

Photo of nel yang

nel yang

Graduate student

Education: PhD in Anthropology, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: economic and financial anthropology, semiotics of desire, users and user experience, affect, eroticism, Hong Kong, Taiwan