Department of Anthropology

Elizabeth de Marigny

PhD, The Department of Anthropology



Bronze and Iron Age archaeology, Ceramics, Landscape archaeology, Trade and communication between regions, Technology and aesthetic approaches to material culture.


Second year graduate student in the Department of Anthropology, with emphasis in Archaeology, Classical Archaeology and Mediterranean Studies. 


ANT S304 • Intro Archaeol Stds: Prehist

80240 • Summer 2017
Meets MTWTHF 10:00AM-11:30AM SAC 4.174

An introduction to archaeology as a discipline.  Three major themes that deal with issues of the past will be covered:

1.  A brief history of the discipline, changing theories about various aspects of the past, and the role that the reconstructions of the past play in national and/or group identities.

2.  A survey of the development of human culture from its beginnings to the rise of civilizations and proto-historical cultures in most areas of the world.  Prehistoric cultures, archaeological sites, and areas of Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe , and the Pacific will be covered.

3.  Archaeological methods of recovery of information about the past.  Scientific procedures involved in excavation, dating, and preservation of the material record.

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