Department of Anthropology

Erin N Wheeler

Phd Candidate, University of Texas at Austin

Erin N Wheeler


  • Office: WCP 5.114
  • Office Hours: Wednesdays 11am-12:30pm, WCP 5.114
  • Campus Mail Code: C3200


Linguistic Anthropology, Native American and Indigenous Studies, Mapuche, Argentina


Erin N Wheeler is a graduate student in linguistic anthropology at UT Austin.  After receiving a Bachelors of Arts in Hispanic Studies from Davidson College, Erin came to UT in 2017 to continue her research on indigenous Mapuche communities in Puelmapu (Argentina). Erin's research focuses on Mapuche language and music, particularly the ways that music serves as a tool for language revitalization and political and social movements among urban Mapuche communities.

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