Department of Anthropology

Ece Saltan

PhD, The University of Texas at Asutin

Ece Saltan


  • Office: SAC 5.114
  • Office Hours: Monday, 1pm-2pm
  • Campus Mail Code: C3200


Gender and Sexuality Studies, Trans* Studies, Urban Anthropology, Race and Ethnicity, Queer Theory, Affect Theory, Queer Spatiality and Temporality, Queer Performativity, Queer Aesthetics, "Transness" in Istanbul/Turkey.


BA, 2011 - Bogazici University, Translation and Interpreting Studies

MA, 2013 - The University of Texas at Austin, Women's and Gender Studies

PhD, (started in) 2013 - The University of Texas at Austin, Social Anthropology


Advisor: Sofian Merabet


 My work situates itself as part of a conversation about marginal subcultures in Gender Studies, Queer Theory, and especially Transgender Studies by examining the urban structure of Istanbul with an anthropological lens. I work on about “transness” in contemporary Istanbul. Transness is an urban phenomenon, an identity specific to time and space. In Istanbul, it is a subculture defined by sex, gender, sexuality, class, and ethnicity. Focusing on the tensions between current government, urban policies, and social movements, my work investigates identity formation and identities in contemporary Istanbul, and how these together affect transness. 

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