Department of Anthropology

Ingrid Lundeen

PhD, University of Texas at Austin

Ingrid Lundeen



2015 B.S. The University of Michigan

2017 M.A. The University of Texas at Austin


Research Interests

Eocene mammal diversity of North America with a particular focus on Wyoming and West Texas faunal communities - Specifically how to mammal communities in North America differ at a continental scale and a regional scale. How to communities in TX differ from those in WY? What patterns among environments do you see within WY Eocene mammal assemblages?

Early primate evolution and diversification - How do early primates adapt to their environments and respond to periods of climate change?

Sensory system evolution and sensory system variation among primates - Specifically focusing on how olfactory system morphology varies and relates to behavior among living primates. How can we use this to infer the behavior of extinct primates?

Respiratory system anatomy - How do the warming and humidifying respiratory structures found within the nose allow animals to inhabit their environment? Do these structures vary in animals that inhabit extreme climates?





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