Department of Anthropology

Ingrid Lundeen

PhD, University of Texas at Austin

OGS Summer 2019 Dissertation Writing Fellow
Ingrid Lundeen


  • Office: SAC 5.130
  • Office Hours: Tuesday 9-11am or by appointment
  • Campus Mail Code: C3200


2015 B.S. The University of Michigan

2017 M.A. The University of Texas at Austin


Research Interests

Eocene mammal diversity of North America with a particular focus on Wyoming and West Texas faunal communities - Specifically how to mammal communities in North America differ at a continental scale and a regional scale. How to communities in TX differ from those in WY? What patterns among environments do you see within WY Eocene mammal assemblages?

Early primate evolution and diversification - How do early primates adapt to their environments and respond to periods of climate change?

Sensory system evolution and sensory system variation among primates - Specifically focusing on how olfactory system morphology varies and relates to behavior among living primates. How can we use this to infer the behavior of extinct primates?

Respiratory system anatomy - How do the warming and humidifying respiratory structures found within the nose allow animals to inhabit their environment? Do these structures vary in animals that inhabit extreme climates?