Department of Anthropology

Laura Abondano

PhD in Anthropology,

Graduate Studies Continuing Fellow (2018-2019)
Laura Abondano



primate behavior and ecology; primate socioendocrinology; mating systems; reproductive strategies; behavioral genetics; primate conservation; Neotropical primates


Undergraduate institution

BS. Biology.  Universidad de Los Andes, Bogota, Colombia


Anthony Di Fiore

Biography and Research Interests

I began working with primates in South America 5 years ago. For my undergraduate studies I did a research on the sex differences in social behavior of brown spider monkeys (Ateles hybridus) in a fragmented forest in Colombia. After finishing my thesis I worked as a research assistant for Dr. Anthony Di Fiore and Dr. Andres Link looking at male cooperative behavior in white-bellied spider monkeys (Ateles belzebuth).

For my MA thesis I worked on parentage analysis of a population of Verreaux sifaka from Western Madagascar (as part of the long-term research of Dr. Rebecca Lewis). We found that females are not only mating with dominant resident males, and instead are sometimes mating with subordinate individuals suggesting that females are not entirely coerced by dominant males and can exert mate choice.

As part of my PhD dissertation, I am currently working on how grouping dynamics and social behaviors are related to female reproductive state in spider monkeys (Ateles) and woolly monkeys (Lagothrix). I will conduct this study looking specifically at variation in behavior and grouping patterns around females in different reproductive states, which I will be assessing by quantifying  fecal estradiol and progesterone levels of cycling vs. non-cycling females.


Abondano LA, and Link A. 2012. The Social Behavior of Brown Spider Monkeys (Ateles hybridus) in a Fragmented Forest in Colombia. International Journal of Primatology:1–15.


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