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Congratulations to our Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 Ph.D. and Masters Graduates!

Tue, July 30, 2019
Congratulations to our Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 Ph.D. and Masters Graduates!

We would like to extend our congratulations and fondest wishes for success in future endeavors to our graduate students who completed Ph.D. and Masters programs in 2019!

Manda Adam - Masters - Archaeology - Advisor: Fred Valdez - "Archaeological Investigations at the A-4 Courtyard Ground, Dos Hombres, Belize"

Luisa Aebersold - Ph.D. - Archaeology - Advisor: Fred Valdez - "Getting to the Bottom of It: Geoarchaeological and Paleobotanical Investigations For Early Transitions in the Maya Lowlands"

Karissa Basse - Ph.D. - Archaeology - Advisor: Maria Franklin - "Dressing the Dead: Social Practices of Clothing and Adornment at the Historic Head and Adams Cemetaries in Central East Texas, 1850 to 1900"

Kelsey Ellis - Ph.D. - Biological - Advisor: Anthony Di Fiore - "Grouping Dynamics of Lowland Woolly Monkeys (Lagothrix lagotricha peoppiggi) in Amazonian Ecuador"

Eduardo Hazera - Masters - Sociocultural - Advisor: John Hartigan - "A Mongolian Horsepacking Adventure Through My Paranoid Poetics of Digital Ontology"

Addison Kemp - Ph.D. - Biological - Advisor: Chris Kirk - "Adaptive Significance of Primate Binocular Vision for Grasping and Locomotion"

Jinok Lee - Ph.D. - Archaeological - Advisor: Arlene Rosen - "Subsistence Ecology in the Rise of Complex Societies in Shandong, Eastern China"

Carlisia McCord - Masters - Sociocultural - Advisor: Martha Menchaca - "A Knowable Space and Time: Intervening in the Heirarchies of History via Chronotopic Languare"

Eric Schroeder - Ph.D. - Archaeology - Advisor: Mariah Wade - "Capitanes, Fisicos, Y Mercaders: Special Status and Inequality During the Late Prehistoric Toyah Interval"

Jose Villagran - Ph.D. - Sociocultural - Advisor: Martha Menchaca - "Revisiting the 'Midwest Stream': An Ethnographic Account of Farmworkers on the Texas-Michigan Circuit"

Joshua Wainner - Masters - Sociocultural - Advisor: Courtney Handman - "Negotiating Devotion: The Circulation of Sufi Inshad Poetry & Changing Models of Mentorship in Cairene Religious Life"

Erin Wheeler - Masters - Linguistics - Advisor: Anthony Webster - "Musica Patagon: Navigating Authenticity in Puelche Music"

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