Department of Anthropology

April 27-28: "The Engaged Anthropologist": A Conference Honoring James Brow

Mon, April 23, 2007

Program for James Brow Conference

Friday April 27th: 5 pm ACES 2.302 (Avaya Auditorium).

Chair: Patrick Olivelle (UT, Austin)  Welcoming Remarks Introduction of the Key Note Speaker: Henry Selby (UT, Austin)

Key Note lecture by Roderick Stirrat Professor of Anthropology at the University of Sussex.  He has worked extensively in Sri Lanka on fishing communities and on Catholicism. More recently he has been engaged in the world of development, both as a consultant and as an anthropologist of the development industry.

Lecture Title: "The Engaged Anthropologist"

Reception 6.15 Lobby of ACES.

Saturday April 28th.

Seminar. 10 am Meyerson Room WCH building 4th floor.

Session One. 10 am - 12 noon. Chair Itty Abraham (UT, Austin)

Mark Whittaker (University of South Carolina) Paper title: 'Proximity, civil imagination and primordialism: puzzling out nationalism in Sri Lanka'

Sandya Hewamanne (Drake University) Paper Title: "Duty Bound?: Militarization, Romances and New Sapces of Violence among Sri Lanka's Free Trade Zone Garment Factory Workers"

H.L.Seneviratne (University of Virginia) Paper Title.  "1956: The Bleeding of a Bloodless Revolution."

Akhil Gupta (UCLA) "Literacy, Bureaucracy, and Democracy in Rural India"

12 noon - 1.30 pm: Catered Lunch.

Session Two: 1.45- 2.45 Chair. Pauline Strong (UT, Austin)

Edmund Gordon (UT, Austin) Paper Title: The "Discovery of Black Culture."

Guha Shankar (Library of Congress) Paper Title:  "This Memory, That Music: Pete and Toshi Seeger's Short but Brilliant Film Career"

2.45-3.15:  Coffee and Tea Break

Open Session: 3.15 -4.30 pm: Chair. Kamran Asdar Ali (UT, Austin)

People are invited to speak, read letters and share their experiences.

4.30- 4.45:  James Brow.

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