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New Indigenous Studies Program created

Fri, May 7, 2010
New Indigenous Studies Program created

The Indigenous Studies Program at the University of Texas at Austin has a global, comparative focus with a particular strength in the Americas. The program supports critical engagements around the languages, cultures, histories, and current struggles of indigenous peoples.

Each semester a list of courses that fulfill the certificate program will be advertised and may be obtained from the faculty contact representatives or the department undergraduate coordinators. These courses will range from the study of indigenous peoples across the globe to courses focusing on the United States and Latin America.


The indigenous Studies Initiative offers both a doctoral studies portfolio as well as an undergraduate certification program. Further information on this program can be obtained from the faculty members listed below. To register for the undergraduate certification program, please contact Dr. Martha Menchaca.


Enrolling in Program:
1. Contact Faculty Representatives and enroll in the certificate program:
*Pauline Strong: Anthropology,
*James Cox: English,
*Martha Menchaca: Anthropology,
*Steven Hoelscher‐American Studies/LA,
*Arturo Arias‐ Spanish and Portuguese/LA,
2. To obtain list of courses each semester contact your faculty representative or your undergraduate coordinator.
3. Follow university procedures to register.
4. Complete 18 hours of Indigenous Studies coursework.
5. To receive the certificate you must have completed all requirements for your bachelor’s degree. Completion of
program will be reported in your transcripts, and you will be given a certificate.

Fulfilling Requirements
The student must complete 18 hours of Indigenous Studies coursework, including at least nine hours in residence, and fulfill the following requirements:
1. Completion of major through any undergraduate college of the University.
2. Three hours in an approved lower‐division introductory course, chosen from: English 314V, HIS 317, or other
approved courses.
3. Twelve hours from two of the following strands: Mayan; Mesoamerican, Indigenous Arts, Indigenous Peoples of
Latin America; Indigenous Peoples in the U.S. and Canada; Indigenous Peoples of the Americas; Indigenous Politics
and Human Rights; Indigenous Writings and Language.
4. An approved upper‐division capstone course in Indigenous Studies chosen on the approved list.




Affiliated Faculty

Enrique Alegria‐Rodriguez ‐ Anthropology Department/LA
Arturo Arias‐ Department of Spanish and Portuguese/LA
Luis Carcamo‐Huechante ‐ Department of Spanish and Portuguese/LA
James Cox ‐ English Department
Kirby Brown ‐ English Department (AI)
Erika Bsumek ‐ History Department
Deborah Bolnick ‐ Anthropology Department
Steve Bourget ‐ Department of Art and Art History/LA
Karl W. Butzer ‐Department of Geography and the Environment/LA
Jorge Canizares ‐ History Department
Matthew Cohen ‐ English Department
Susan Dean Smith ‐ History Department/LA
Robert Dull ‐ Department of Geography and the Environment/LA
Nora England ‐ Library Sciences
Patience L. Epps ‐ Department of Linguistics/LA
Douglas Foley ‐ Curriculum and Instruction
Patricia Galloway ‐ School of Information
Seth Garfield ‐ History Department/LA
Virginia Garrard Burnett ‐ History Department/LA
Julia Guernsey ‐ Art and Art History Department/LA
Charles Hale‐ Anthropology Department/LA
Patricia Hansen ‐ School of Law/LA
Steve Hoelscher ‐ American Studies/LA
Anne Martinez ‐ History Department/MAS
John Mckiernan‐Gonzalez ‐ History Department/LA/MAS
Martha Menchaca ‐ Anthropology Department/LA/MAS
Domino Perez ‐ English Department/MAS
Loriene Roy ‐ School of Information
Bryan Russell ‐ English Department (AI)
Shannon Speed ‐ Anthropology Department/LA
Brian Stross ‐ Anthropology Department/LA
David Stuart ‐ Department of Art and Art History/LA
Circe Sturm ‐ Anthropology Department/LA
Pauline Strong ‐ Anthropology Department
Gerald Torres ‐ School of Law/LA
Joshua Tucker ‐ Sarah and Ernest Butler School of Music/LA
Luis Urrieta‐ Curriculum and Instruction/LA/MAS
Fred Valdez ‐ Anthropology Department/LA/MAS
Mariah Wade ‐ Anthropology Department
Samuel Wilson ‐ Anthropology Department /LA



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