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Share the Love, Fight the Flood

Fri, September 24, 2010
Share the Love, Fight the Flood

Starting in July of this year, heavy monsoon rains in Pakistan have led to flooding that has killed thousands and left millions homeless. In response to this humanitarian disaster, the UT student organization called Fighting the Flood was created. Among its founders are our own Noman Baig and Hafeez Jamali. As of Monday, September 25th, the organization has already raised over six thousand dollars to be used for relief operations within Pakistan. They are also doing a great job of working with other campus organizations to raise awareness of the crisis.

We in the Department of Anthropology of very proud of their efforts, and also of the generosity of our community. The group will be accepting donations for the foreseeable future, and the people of Pakistan still need lots of help. If you would like to donate, there is a donation box at the front desk in the Anthropology office. You can also visit the Fighting the Flood website to get more information about upcoming events, or to make donations via PayPal.

See also the Friday, September 22nd article from the Daily Texan about Fighting the Flood, and the wikipedia article on the 2010 Pakistan Floods.

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