Department of Anthropology

Robbie Davis-Floyd wins 2012 MAQ Editorial Fecundity Award

Fri, December 7, 2012

Senior Research Fellow Robbie Davis-Floyd has been awarded the 2012 MAQ Editorial Fecundity Award. The award was presented to her at the Business Meeting of the Society for Medical Anthropology by the retiring editors of the Medical Anthropology Quarterly. It is in recognition of powerful sustained contributions to the future of medical anthropology by ensuring that numerous manuscripts received deeply critical yet constructive development. The award recognizes, beyond her long-term contributions of deep insights into fundamental sociocultural processes and practices of human reproduction, her leadership in dedication to growing a future body of knowledge by delivering vigorous, critical and supportive reviews of other authors’ manuscripts. In 2012 notably, she willingly took on the role of Special Editor to engage with a foreign author in protracted labor on the manuscript’s argument, analyses, writing, and Spanish to English translation, leading to a successful delivery in MAQ 26:3.

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