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Sequels : Annual e3w Symposium, March 30-31, 2006

Thu, March 2, 2006

Sequels : Annual e3w Symposium, March 30-31, 2006 Call For Papers

The fifth annual Sequels symposium will take place on 30 to 31 March, and will
feature Laura E. Lyons and Salah D. Hassan and their work as guest editors of
special issues of the journals, Biography ("Personal Effects: The Testimonial Uses of
Life Writing" 27, 1 <2004>) and CR: The New Centennial Review ("Terror Wars" 5, 1
<2005>). Both journals are available electronically through the UT Libraries
( ).
Details about the
conference are below.

Two one-hour panel discussions will be held on
topics raised by each of the two journals. Presentations should be no longer than
15 minutes each. Possible paper topics for the panels include (but are not limited
to) the following:

\ life writing: autobiography, biography, memoir

\ testimony and trauma
\ representations of violence: ethics and
\ pedagogy and scholar activism
\ forensic
\ truth and reconciliation commissions
\ sovereignty and
\ genocide and ethnic cleansing
\ private contractors and
privateering in the war on terror>br> \ post-national citizenship and human
\ state terror and legitimacy
\ anti-Americanism
women's rights and the war on terror

We are also open to papers on
related topics!

Sequels, an annual symposium sponsored by the Ethnic
and Third World Literature graduate specialization in the Department of English at
The University of Texas at Austin, hosts distinguished e3w graduates and honors
their recently published work. The symposium convenes each year in the spring
semester and includes a roundtable discussion with the featured alumni, a keynote
address from these alumni on their new work in progress, and panel discussions by
graduate students on topics raised by the works.
Please email abstracts of
100-300 words to either
Jillian Sayre (

Elizabeth Erbeznik ( by 1 March 2006.

more information, contact Barbara Harlow,>

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