Department of Anthropology

Humanities Institute lecture: Marita Sturken, Associate Professor in NYU's Dept. of Culture and Communications

Tue, April 4, 2006

An Informal Discussion with Marita Sturken

On Thursday, April 6, the Americo Paredes Center for Cultural Studies will host an
informal discussion with Marita Sturken, Associate Professor in NYU's Department
of Culture and Communications. Dr. Sturken is author of Tangled Memories: The
Vietnam War, The AIDS Epidemic, and the Politics of Remembering (1997), Practices
of Looking: An Introduction to Visual Culture (co-authored with Lisa Cartwright
(2001), and Seeing Time (1999).

This will be an opportunity to follow up with questions or further discussions
related to Sturken's Humanities Institute lecture, "Teddy Bears, Snow Globes, and
the Kitschification of Memory", Wednesday, April 5, at 7:30 PM in the Art
Auditorium. Discussion can also cover aspects of Sturken's early work, as well as her
upcoming book, Tourists of History: Memory, Mourning, and Kitsch in American

This event will be start at 11 AM and run until approximately 12:30 PM in E.P.S
1.130 KA

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