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Webster Co-Edits Journal of Folklore Research

Mon, October 14, 2013
Webster Co-Edits Journal of Folklore Research
Associate Professor Anthony Webster, along with Paul V. Kroskrity from UCLA, co-edited a special triple issue of the Journal of Folklore Research devoted to "Ethnopoetics, Narrative Inequality, and Voice: The Legacy of Dell Hymes." The articles that make up the bulk of this issue focus on verbal art and they show how, far from being a marginal pursuit of the occasional Americanist, it is central to many contemporary issues in folklore, linguistics, and linguistic and cultural anthropology.
Webster and Kroskrity feel that the proper way to appreciate and honor Hymes is not to present historical studies of him in his time but rather to carry on his path-breaking work in folklore, linguistic anthropology, and ethnopoetics and to show its inspiring relevance in this collection of studies and in its eventual influence on a new generation of scholars and readers who will rediscover the value of Hymes’s ethnopoetic legacy.
The full text of the journal can be found here.
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