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Elizabeth de Marigny Publishes Typology of Bylazora Excavations

Wed, November 13, 2013
Elizabeth de Marigny Publishes Typology of Bylazora Excavations

During the 2012-2013 academic year, graduate student Elizabeth de Marigny was living in the Republic of Macedonia researching under a Fulbright Fellowship. Her project was to catalogue, conserve and create a typology of the ceramic material found at Bylazora during the 5 years of excavation. While in Macedonia, they were able to establish a full collection and install it for exhibition in the People's Museum of Sveti Nikole. This is the first time a full collection from a site in Macedonia has been catalogued and worked with this extensively, as well as published in English.

This volume continues the presentation of the results of the excavations of the Paionian-Macedonian stronghold city thought to be Bylazora (the largest city of the Paionians, according to Polybius). The Texas Foundation for Archaeological & Historical Research (TFAHR) presents a study of the ceramics from the 2008-2012 excavation seasons by de Marigny. The typology has been divided into nine categories: cooking wares; vessels for food service; pouring vessels and jugs; vessels for oil; drinking vessels; vessels for transport and storage; miniatures; toiletries; and inscribed vessels. Following the ceramic typology is an article by William Neidinger and Eulah Matthews which places the pieces discussed by de Marigny in their archaeological context. This discussion highlights the role the ceramics played in the dating and interpretation of key strata on the acropolis of Bylazora.

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