Department of Anthropology

Individual Travel and Research Grants Workshop

Tue, March 21, 2006

This interactive workshop focuses on how to increase your chances of getting grants and other forms of support for research and travel. Among the topics covered are:

-- Different types of funding
--Sources and how to find them.
--Little-known yet excellent resources, of which you may not be aware.
--Creative ways to fund your travel and research.
-- The elements of an effective proposal.
--How to find funding when you need it fast.

Ms. Supancic has extensive experience helping faculty and students at the university, as well as the Central Texas community, fund their projects. Students are also encouraged to visit Ms. Supancic at the Hogg Foundation Library in addition to attending this workshop.

The library has the best single concentration of funding resources in the area and Ms. Supancic is able to offer students individualized advice and guidance on acquiring grant funding.

Registration information for this workshop.

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