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Congratulations to our Spring 2017 Ph.D. and Masters Graduates!

Thu, June 15, 2017
Congratulations to our Spring 2017 Ph.D. and Masters Graduates!

We would like to extend our congratulations and fondest wishes for success in future endeavors to our graduate students who completed Ph.D. and Masters programs in 2017!

Ernest Alba - Ph.D. - Sociocultural - Advisor: Ward Keeler - "Western Classical Music on the US-Mexico Border: Performing Arts in the Context of Urbanization, Globalization, and Nationalization"

Amy Atwater - Masters - Biological - Advisor: Chris Kirk - "New Middle Eocene Omomyines (Primates, Haplorhini) from the Friars Formation of San Diego County, Southern California"

Giovanni Batz - Ph.D. - Sociocultural - Advisor: Charles Hale - "The Fourth Invasion: Development, Ixil-Maya Resistance, and the Struggle Against Megaprojects in Guatemala"

Melissa Burch - Ph.D. - Sociocultural - Advisor: Joao Vargas - "Navigating the Criminal Records Complex: Hiring and Job-Seeking in the Inland Empire"

Shanya Cordis - Ph.D. - Sociocultural - Advisor: Circe Sturm - "(Un)Settling Dispossession: Neoliberal Development, Gender Violence, and Indigenous Struggles For Land in Guyana"

Lawrence Crockett - Ph.D. - Sociocultural - Advisor: Edmund Gordon - "Landlocked and Unwanted: The Afro-Paraguayan Dilemma"

Emily Dylla - Ph.D. - Archaeology - Advisor: Enrique Rodriguez-Alegria - "Hunters, Soldiers, and Holy Men: An Archaeological Study of Masculinities and Make Household Space at Mission San Antonio de Padua, Monterey County, California"

Alejandro Flores Aguilar - Ph.D. - Sociocultural - Advisor: Charles Hale - "They Didn't Win the War. Aesthetics and Infrastructure in Post-Counterinsurgency Guatemala"

Hannah Foster - Masters - Linguistics - Advisor: Anthony Webster - "Imagining the Shala-Kazakh: Codeswitching and Satire in Post-Soviet Kazakhstan"

William Gblerkpor - Ph.D. - Archaeology - Advisor: James Denbow - "The Weapons of Our Warfare Are Not Carnal: An Archaeological and Ethno-Historical Study of Anti-Colonial Identity in Krobo, Ghana"

Gregorio Gonzales - Ph.D. - Sociocultural - Advisor: Pauline Strong - "Si Eres Genizaro: Race, Indigeneity, and Belonging in Northern New Mexico"

Amber Heard-Booth - Ph.D. - Biological - Advisor: Liza Shapiro - "Morphological and Functional Correlates of Variation in the Human Longitudinal Arch"

Saram Ihmoud - Ph.D. - Sociocultural - Advisor: Charles Hale - "Intimate Invasions: Gender, Violence and the Politics of Belonging at the Jerusalem Border"

Elizabeth Lewis - Ph.D. - Sociocultural - Advisor: Kathleen Stewart - "Beyond Mystery Babies: Undiagnosis in a Diagnostic Age"

Raul Martinez - Masters - Linguistics - Advisor: Anthony Webster - "Those Stories Exist: Ethnographic and Poetic Elements to a Quichua Conversational Narrative"

Czarina Thelen - Ph.D. - Sociocultural - Advisor: Charles Hale - "Becoming i'x: Maya Ontological Decolonization and the Turn to Theater in Postwar Guatemala

Camille Weinberg - Masters - Archaeology - Advisor: Alan Covey - "Human-Environment Interactions on the Desert South Coast, Peru: A Review of Paleoclimate Proxies and Archaeological Evidence"

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