Department of Anthropology

Dr. Marina Peterson Joins Our Faculty Fall 2017

Mon, August 28, 2017
Dr. Marina Peterson Joins Our Faculty Fall 2017

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Marina Peterson to our department this Fall!

Marina Peterson is a sociocultural anthropologist with a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago. Before coming to UT, she was an Associate Professor of Performance Studies and Director of Latin American Studies at Ohio University. Her first book, Sound, Space, and the City: Civic Performance in Downtown Los Angeles, explores the processes - from urban renewal to the performance of ethnicity and the experiences of audiences - through which civic space is created at public concerts. Her work on this project was informed by her own cello performances at these shows with the daKAH Hip Hop Orchestra. She is the recipient of a Huntington Library Research Fellowship, a Berea College Appalachian Sound Archives Fellowship, and a Historical Society of Southern California/Haynes Summer Research Stipend, as well as multiple research awards from Ohio University.

This Fall, Dr. Peterson is teaching Sounds of the City (ANT 324L).

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