Department of Anthropology

Focus on Physical Anthropology

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The Physical Anthropology faculty at UT Austin study a variety of mammals, including primates and marsupials. The left photo below shows a Mouse Lemur (genus: Microcebus) identified and tagged at Dr. Rebecca Lewis' field site in Madagascar.

Mouse Lemur Sugar Glider

Dr.Liza Shapiro studies another sub-species of the primate genus Mouse Lemur (photo above right) on campus at UT Austin. She also uses sugar gliders (Petaurus breviceps), a small tree-dwelling marsupial (below), for her research comparing quadrupedal locomotion in primates and marsupials. (Sugar Glider Photo credit: Marsha Miller)

Sugar Glider Too

Below chimpanzees groom each other during one of Dr. Rebecca Lewis's behavioral observations at UT MD Anderson. Dr. Lewis also studies Sifaka, a primate, at her field research site in the Kirindy Mitea National Park, Madagascar.

Chimpanzees Grooming