Department of Anthropology

Past Features

Kappelman teaches the upper division course and holds a t-shirt design contest every spring.

We’re now used to the idea that almost every benefit event that we participate in, from a 5K run to a walk against cancer, rewards us with a t-shirt printed up just for the occasion.  Well, why not a t-shirt for our college courses? 

Faculty Publication: Agitating Images by Craig Campbell

In Agitating Images, Craig Campbell draws a rich and unsettling cultural portrait of the encounter between indigenous Siberians and Russian communists and reveals how photographs from this period complicate our understanding of this history.

An excerpt from Professor James Denbow's book about the archaeology, ethnography and prehistory of West-Central Africa

As an archaeologist working for decades in remote parts of central and southern Africa, my work often brings surprises– not only from the past represented by dusty artifacts, but from my interactions with the people I encounter as well.

Faculty Publication: Queer Beirut by Sofian Merabet

Gender and sexual identity formation is an ongoing anthropological conversation in both Middle Eastern studies and urban studies, but the story of gay and lesbian identity in the Middle East is only just beginning to be told.

Faculty Publication: Intimate Grammars: An Ethnography of Navajo Poetry by Anthony K. Webster

On April 24, 2013, Luci Tapahonso became the first Poet Laureate of the Navajo Nation, possibly the first Native American community to create such a post.

Dr James Brow in Sri Lanka: A Photodiary

Dr. James Brow has brought us pictures depicting life in the village of Kukulewa in north-central Sri Lanka.

Famous Fossil Lucy Scanned at The University of Texas at Austin, Offers New Insights into Ancient Human Ancestor

February 6, 2009 Researchers at The University of Texas at Austin, in collaboration with the Ethiopian government, have completed the first high-resolution CT scan of the world's most famous fossil, Lucy, an ancient human ancestor who lived 3.2 million years ago.

Dr Rebecca Lewis taking morphometric data on a Sifaka in Madagascar

The Physical Anthropology faculty at UT Austin study a variety of mammals, including primates and marsupials.