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Caissons Alumni Association

 The Texas Caissons is a nonprofit corporate alumni association that supports the cadets, cadre and programs of the Army ROTC program at The University of Texas at Austin.

The Caissons assists the ROTC program with recognition and mentoring programs, social events, professional material, and "care packages" to summer camp cadets. The University of Texas Caissons Scholarship, its recently established endowed scholarship, assists outstanding cadets who have committed themselves to the Army ROTC program.
Caissons membership comprises active and retired military members and alumni who chose other career fields. It includes former ROTC cadets from the classes of 1951 through the present, Cordettes/ Texas Stars and ROTC cadre.
The Texas Caissons is a continual source of support to our program. Cadets are always welcome at the quarterly meetings. When you get commissioned your first year's membership as a 2LT is free of charge and the second year is only $10.00. The Caissons newsletter is an excellent way to keep up with events at UT ROTC even after you have been commissioned.
The Texas Caissons are dedicated to acknowledging your achievements and insuring that future generations will have the same opportunities.