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Chair and Professor of Military Science Dept.

Photo of LTC Matthew S. O'Neill

LTC Matthew S. O'Neill

Chair and Professor of Military Science Dept.

matthew.s.oneill@austin.utexas.edu |
512-232-5395 |
RLP 5.412C

Education: MBA Master of Business Administration, Webster University

Senior Military Science Instructor

Photo of MSG Matthew Stromitis

MSG Matthew Stromitis

SMI Instructor

matthew.stromitis@austin.utexas.edu |
512-471-5310 |
RLP 5.702

Assistant Professor

Photo of CPT Harold W Hamblet

CPT Harold W Hamblet

Assistant Professor, Military Science Dept.

h.hamblet@austin.utexas.edu |
512-232-5398 |
RLP 5.712

Education: M.A. In Homeland Security, American Military University

Photo of CPT Timothy Keilty

CPT Timothy Keilty

Assistant Professor

timothy.keilty@austin.utexas.edu |
512-232-5410 |
RLP 5.706

Education: M.A. in Organizational Psychology, Teachers College, Columbia Univeristy

Photo of CPT Jason Sexton

CPT Jason Sexton

Assistant Professor

jason.sexton@austin.utexas.edu |
512-232-5399 |
RLP 5.412B

Education: M.A. in Highter Education Administration, University of Louisville

Military Science Instructors

Photo of SFC David Carlton

SFC David Carlton

Militray Science Instructor

david.a.carlton@austin.utexas.edu |
512 471 5006 |
RLP 5.710

Photo of SFC Richard Gallego

SFC Richard Gallego

Military Science Instructor

sfcgrick@gmail.com |
512 471 3310 |
RLP 302A

Scholarship & Enrollment Advisor

Photo of Omar Cruz

Omar Cruz

Scholarship & Enrollment Counselor

omar.cruz@austin.utexas.edu |
512-232-5397 |
RLP 5.412A

Education: B.A. Business Management, UT San Antonio

Army National Guard Representative

SFC Robert Pearson


robert.f.pearson.mil@mail.mil |
512-925-9109 |
RLP 5.412A