Texas Army ROTC
Texas Army ROTC

I'm a sophomore in college

If you are a sophomore in college and interested in joining our ROTC program, you may select from one of these three options:

1. Complete MS 1 and MS 2 courses the traditional way. If your schedule will accommodate it, you may be able to take both the MS 1 and MS 2 classes during your sophomore year.

2. Completing Army Basic training will also fulfill the MS 100 and MS 200 requirements and prepare you for your third year.

3. Cadet Initial Entry Training at Fort Knox, Kentucky will also fulfill the requirement.

If you have questions regarding the Army ROTC application process, are intererested in joining our program or trying it out, please contact our Scholarship and Enrollment Counselor:

Mr. Omar Cruz at 512-232-5397 or by email at omar.cruz@austin.utexas.edu