Department of Asian Studies
Department of Asian Studies

South Asia Seminar: Caste in Contemporary India

Dr. Anand Teltumbde

Mon, October 26, 2009 | Meyerson Conference Room WCH 4.118

3:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Dr. Anand Teltumbde is a leading intellectual in India working and writing on the issue of caste, Dalits, globalization and democratic politics today. Widely respected as an original thinker and author, he is well known in Indian human rights activist and people’s progressive movement circles, and as an analyst, theoretician, and writer on contemporary issues. Dr. Teltumbde has written extensively (in English and Marathi with most of his 17 books translated into many Indian languages) and lectured on contemporary issues facing India in newspapers, magazines, organizational pamphlets, and booklets as an aid to struggling masses. A regular contributor to the Economic and Political Weekly, Teltumbde has pioneered a theoretical critique of neoliberal globalization vis-à-vis the dalits and other subaltern classes in India. His most recent book, Khairlanji:A Strange and Bitter Crop which documents and dissects the underlying causes of the continuing lynching and violence against Dalits in India has established Teltumbde as one of the most important contemporary commentators on Indian politics in the tradition of Dr. B.R.Ambedkar. M

Sponsored by: South Asia Institute

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