Department of Asian Studies
Department of Asian Studies

Humanities Talk

Wed, March 11, 2009 | Avaya Auditorium, 24th and Speedway

7:30 PM

Dr. Steven Collins is an eminent scholar of the social and cultural history of Buddhism in premodern and modern South and Southeast Asia. His interests in Buddhist understandings of the self, the other, and interpersonal obligation inform his study "Selfless Persons: Imagery and Thought in Theraveda Buddhism" (1982). A leading scholar of Pali language and literature, Collins is also the author of "Nirvana and other Buddhist Felicities: Utopias of the Pali Imaginaire" (1998) and "A Pali Grammar for Students" (2006). His talk draws on women's ethnographies from Nepal to Cambodia to propose a new perspective on gender in Buddhist history.

Sponsored by: Humanities Institute

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